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Dominic (Slater Brothers #1)(5)
L.A. Casey

I flicked my eyes to Jason and noticed his mouth dropped open; his friends and Dominic looked just as shocked as him. I looked back at Micah and shrugged, I preferred her kissing my cheek over Jason any day. I was game.


Micah rolled her eyes at my stiffness and leaned forward towards me. I turned my head to let her kiss my cheek but she caught my chin with her hand and forced me to look at her. She did something then that made the lads almost collapse and me almost have a heart attack.

She kissed me, on the lips, in front of everyone, and she stuck her tongue inside my mouth.

I guessed the rumours about her swinging both ways were true after all. I had the same problem with g*y people, bi people, straight people, and pretty much any people in general who touched me. I didn't like being touched, talked to, or noticed in any way. Micah was fu**ing that up big time, because she was really going to town on kissing me and drawing lots of attention because of it.

I had my eyes wide open and my mouth agape when she pulled back from me. She snorted at my facial expression before turning and strutting off like she was on some sort of catwalk.

"I'm so happy that was you and not me; she all but wore the face off you," Destiny cackled.

"Fuck you!" I spat before wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

"That was-"

"So fuckin'-"


My eyes landed on Dominic when his voice said the word sexy; he was staring at me and licking his lips. I looked at the other males and noticed they were doing the same thing. It set off alarm bells in my head.

"One kiss per… person!" I stated out loud which made some of the lads mutter curses before moving away.

I couldn't exactly say one kiss per lad since Micah had just kissed me in front of everyone. That would make me sexist or homophobic or something like that.

Dominic stepped directly in front of me, but I ignored him while I continued to wipe at my mouth.

"I take it you didn't like a girl kissing you?"

I felt my eye twitch. "No, I'm straight and feel a little traumatised over what just happened, but I'll call Micah back for round two if it will get you to f*ck off or step into Destiny's line instead."

Dominic laughed. "As erotic as you and Micah kissing was, I think I want a turn at your lips."

I blushed, I actually fu**ing blushed!

"You have to be jokin' me, right?"

He shook his head.

"But… but… you hate me!" I spluttered.

Dominic smirked. "Be that as it may, I'm a brunette man."

"You told me you were a redhead man this week, Dominic. You said next week is blonde week and this week was redhead week, remember you said that?" Destiny's voice said from my left.

I gave Dominic a disgusted look, the prick actually sorted out which girls he would shag by hair colour and separated them into weeks. The bloody slut - wait, if he said he was a redhead man this week that meant I was off the hook for a kiss since I was a brunette. I swear I saw fireworks light up around me because of that.

"Oh, really? You can't break the rules Dominic. They are there for a reason so go over to Destiny, redhead of the week, for your kiss, please."

He growled at my happiness and quickly leaned into me with his lips puckered. I, however, turned my head so fast that his lips pressed against my cheek.

"Ha!" I laughed and snatched his two Euro from his hand. "That was your one kiss from me, bitch!"

He looked so mad when he pulled back from me and then even angrier when I did a little victory dance whilst sat down on my stool.

He dug out another two Euro from his pocket, and spat some curses and insults at me. He stepped over to Destiny, tossed the two Euro into her basket, and then grabbed her face and crashed his mouth down on hers.

I felt so uncomfortable; they were seriously necking on and were short of pulling each other's clothes off ten seconds into the kissing. I couldn't do anything but sit next to them. So while they kissed, I made a huge show of looking at the posters around the hall. A couple of minutes passed and some third years came to the kissing booths. Even the ones who wanted to kiss Destiny had to kiss me because Dominic and she were still necking on.

By the time they stopped kissing, I had aged twenty years.

"Wow," Destiny's voice whispered in awe.

I couldn't help but snort as I applied some lip balm to my sore lips.

Dominic's gaze cut to me. "Jealous, phat ass?" he asked me with a growl.

I bristled a little at the insult before smiling. "Jealous? Of kissin' you? Not a chance in hell, Fuckface." I flicked my gaze to Destiny then and said, "He owes you at least a tenner for that kiss, two Euro won't cut it."

She snorted then looked back at Dominic who rolled his eyes. He dug out a note from his pocket and put it in her basket.

"T'was a pleasure, milady." Dominic bowed making Destiny giggle.

I rolled my eyes and gave him the finger before he turned and trotted off to some of the game stands.

"Holy shite, he kissed the f*ck outta me. Me lips are actually kiss swollen!" Destiny squealed while touching her red and puffy lips.

I could relate since my lips felt so swollen you would have thought someone punched me.

I snickered at how stupid Destiny was over that specimen and said, "I personally think he is a dickhead and don't want to say anythin' nice about him but he is so into you, you should get stuck into him. No lad would kiss a girl like that if he didn't like her."

"You're right, you're so right!" Destiny beamed, then took out her phone and began tapping on the screen.

I inwardly smiled, I had a feeling Dominic kissed Destiny the way he did just to make me uncomfortable, because I was sat next to her and had made a fool out of him by tricking him into kissing my cheek. Destiny perusing him might annoy him though, and I was all for annoying him.

You could actually say that after Dominic called me fat arse in front of Destiny, annoying him was what I now lived for.



I bit down hard on my lip so I didn't laugh. If I laughed it would make me his number one target. So I did what everyone else in the class did when Dominic screamed and cursed like a girl. I jumped with fright and swung my head around to see what was wrong with him.

"What? What is it?" Miss McKesson asked; her voice sounding very high and panicked.

Dominic was on his feet, his hands on his arse cheeks with his forehead pressed against the wall at the back of the class. Everyone watched him as he removed his hands from his arse with a hard tug that caused him to hiss in pain. When he turned and dropped thumb tacks on his desk, we all winced.

I winced for show, but what I really wanted to do was cackle like an evil witch. You see, I was no good at getting revenge on someone because I usually just had to deal with Jason and all he did was annoy me with words. But Dominic, he got in my personal space and really tried to get under my skin. His fat arse comment in front of Destiny last week during the Raise To Praise event really annoyed me; I decided to get him back by putting thumb tacks on his chair so when he sat down the needle-like pins stuck into his arse and obviously hurt like hell.

Let his arse hurt over calling my arse fat!

Ha, ha, fu**ing, ha!

The fact that today was my eighteenth birthday made it all the merrier. I didn't care if that made me a sadist, this was the best birthday present ever!

"Who put them there?" Dominic growled, his eyes flickering around the room.

I, like everyone else, shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm sure they were left there by accident-"

"There are ten pins; this is no accident," Dominic cut the miss off with a growl.

Damien leaned back in his chair and looked at his brother's arse. "I think you're bleeding a little, bro."

"Fuck," Dominic grunted and put his hands on his arse again.

When he removed them, there was indeed blood on his hands. Not loads, but more than pin pricks should have caused.

I guessed they pricked the prick pretty good.

I hated that I snorted at my thoughts because it got everyone's attention, and I mean everyone.

"You!" Dominic growled in my direction.

I raised my eyebrows in shock and raised my hands up. "Me? I didn't do anythin', I was about to sneeze, that's all."

Dominic glared at me. "I don't believe you, you're the first person in here every day. You had the perfect opportunity to put them on my seat."

I rolled my eyes. "I don't appreciate these false accusations, Mr. Slater."

When the students chuckled, Dominic face reddened with anger.

"I know you did this."

I shook my head. "Well, you're wrong."

"Open your bag," he snapped.

I felt my stomach lurch.

"What? Why?" I asked, trying not to sound panicked even though I could actually feel myself starting to break out in a sweat.

He was so not looking inside my bag.

"Why are you so nervous, slut?" Dominic questioned.

Slut? I was the most frigid person in this entire school, including the juniors! I was definitely not a fu**ing slut.

I glared at him. "'Cause you're blamin' me on somethin' I didn't do, faggot!"

Collective gasps sounded around the room at our nasty name calling.

"That's it, the pair of you get your bags and get out into the hall. Now!" Miss McKesson snapped.

I dropped my jaw. "But miss, he is the one-"

"You both used foul, disgustin' language and disrupted my class, get out into the hall and stay there until class is over, and I am ready to speak to you both!"

I was shocked.

Miss McKesson had never raised her voice to me or kicked me out of class; I've never been kicked out of any class.


"Okay," I mumbled as I stood up, grabbed my bag, and did the walk of shame out of the classroom along with Dominic.

He tried to walk out first, but I shouldered him into a desk making some students laugh and him growl. When we got outside and the door to the classroom was closed he instantly backed me up against the wall next to the classroom door, placed his hands on either side of my head and leaned towards me. There was literally only a few inches of space between his face and mine.

"I know you did it," he growled as he leaned his head down to me, closing the gap between us even further.

I was intimidated by him, and I hated that. He was almost a good foot taller than me, broader than me, and had muscle on him. I weighed one forty something and stood at five foot three. I couldn't exactly scare him off with my body, but I probably could with my snarky replies and attitude, so I rolled my eyes then focused and looked directly into his.

"No, you want me to have done it so you can bully me some more!"

He narrowed his eyes to slits and growled, "I don't bully you."

I scoffed and humourlessly laughed. "Yeah, you do and you know it. You're pathetic, pickin' on a girl because it gives you kicks. You're a sad, sad little lad."

Dominic smirked. "There is nothin' little about me, sweetheart."

I shook my head, because clearly he wasn't talking about his height.

"I'm sure two inches is nothin' to brag about, sweetheart."

Obviously I had no idea the size of his penis but saying anything less than five inches had to be a hit to the ego since I read in a magazine that five inches was the average penis size for men.

"Two?" Dominic asked, his voice high like he couldn't breathe right. "Try adding six more onto that baby, and you'll get the size of my cock."

He actually measured his penis?

Wait, that would mean he was eight inches long?

Yeah, right.

"Don't all lads say somethin' like that to make themselves look good?" I teased.

Dominic was getting red in the face again so when he pressed his body against mine, I was convinced he was going to smother me or something. I was shocked, however, when he tried to grab my hand and place it down there on his body.

"Feel for yourself."

I gasped and pulled my hands from his.

"Get off me you pervert, I'm not touchin' you… down there or anywhere else!"

Dominic smirked. "Afraid you might like it?"

I scoffed. "I rather get off with Jason Bane than touch you, Fuckface."

I was shocked that I actually meant what I said, which clearly meant that I hated Dominic more than I did Jason.

Holy shite, I never thought that would happen!

Dominic didn't like what I had said because he growled down at me like a dog, a murderous looking dog.

"You'd be lucky to touch me, bitch. You're lucky I'm this close to you right now!"

What the f*ck did he think he was? A Greek god or something?

"Yeah, 'cause I feel very lucky right now, little dick!"

I felt pressure on my head before I realised what was happening. When I eventually copped on that Dominic fisted my hair in his hands and pressed even closer to me, my mouth went dry.

I could feel his grip on my hair, but it didn't exactly hurt. I just felt a lot of pressure.

"Keep running that smart mouth of yours and I'll bend you over, smack that phat ass and f*ck you with my big cock!"

Holy Mary, Mother of God!

"What… you… how dare you say somethin' like that to me! You're disgustin', get away from me before I scream!"

Dominic only smiled at me then looked down to my chest and smirked. It was hot today, and we were allowed take off our uniform jumpers. I had my school shirt on underneath so when I looked down to see what Dominic was looking at, I gasped.

My stupid bra made it look like my ni**les were hard, and they weren't, it was just the material!

"It's the material on me bra," I stated, angrily.

Dominic's grin told me he didn't believe me.

I growled. "I'm serious, it's just the material. Like I would ever be turned on by the likes of you. You aren't me type."

Dominic pulled back a little and drew his eyebrows together. "I'm everyone's type."

I scoffed. "Not mine, now back the f*ck away."

He did, but with a grin on his face.

It was only then that I realised he had my school bag in his hand; I blinked.

How the hell did he take the straps off my shoulder without me noticing?

He got close to me to distract me so he could get my bag, the bastard!

"Give it back!" I snarled.

He smiled. "I will… after I look through it."

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