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Dominic (Slater Brothers #1)(4)
L.A. Casey

She looked a little too happy to see me.

"Welcome back, Bronagh, we missed you on Friday."


"Uh, sorry I'm late, I overslept," I muttered.

The miss waved me off. "Not a bother, you're actually the girl I need to do a job for me since you're already on your feet."

Oh, bollocks.

"Uh, okay," I muttered.

She turned to the rest of the class. "I need another female volunteer for this special job."

Not one single girl raised her hand, and I didn't blame them, doing 'jobs' for teachers was always shite.

The miss sighed. "Okay, I'll just pick someone then… Destiny."

Destiny groaned out loud making everyone, except me, chuckle.

"Fine, what's the job?" she sighed.

"Well, as you all know, it's our annual Raise To Praise event day today, and this year the second year classes and tutors are in charge of decoratin' the hall and organisin' the games. But as usual there is only one job that two senior girls must do, no younger girls can do it. I've been asked to choose two lovely girls from my tutor class for the job."

A smile lit up on Destiny's face while a look of sheer horror overtook mine. I forgot all about the Raise To Praise event day; I would have locked myself in my bedroom if I had remembered it!

"The kissin' booth!" Destiny and I said in unison, only my tone was that of disgust while Destiny's tone was one of excitement.

"That's the one," the miss beamed.

Some of the boys in class whooped making Destiny playfully laugh.

I moved towards the miss. "Miss, pick someone else, please. This day is to raise money for the sports team; you will lose money if I help out at the kissin' booth, I guarantee you that."

Some people laughed, but I didn't care; they and I both knew it was true. I didn't look like Destiny at all; she was slim with curvy hips, big boobs, flaming red hair, and a beautiful face that was hardly ever in need of makeup. She was naturally stunning while I… wasn't. I knew I wasn't fat, but I wasn't slim like Destiny either. Like I mentioned before, I had a pear shape frame, which meant I was all small boobs and waist with a big arse and thighs that made me look huge unless I wore the right clothing.

"Oh, nonsense, don't even go there. You and Destiny are both pretty as can be so no backin' out," the miss stated, pulling me from my thoughts and making me sigh.

"Whatever," I mumbled and dragged my feet as I walked over to my desk, not looking down at the back row.

Down in the back was where it sat.

Unfortunately, first period was over like the snap of my fingers, and it made me inwardly groan and wish the class went on for longer.

"Everyone can head to the main hall now; have fun, and don't do anythin' that will wind up in me givin' out detention. Understood?"

Everyone mumbled a yeah to the miss, which made her happy, as we all headed out of class and towards the main hall. I felt a firm tap on my shoulder when I got inside, and it made me jump a little.

"Sorry," Destiny's voice chuckled as she rounded on me. "Didn't mean to scare you."

Yeah, like I believe that.

"You didn't," I lied.

Destiny smirked a little before fully smiling. "Let's go to the kissin' booth and get workin'."

She turned and pranced off towards the back of the hall where the kissing booth was always set up. I reluctantly followed her with my head down and my shoulders slumped.

When I got to the booth, Destiny was already settled into hers. So I slid into mine, put my bag on the floor next to me, closed my eyes, and proceeded to wish I was dead.

"Two Euro per kiss, ladies. Get the money first."

I opened my eyes and nodded to the male teacher who was talking to me and Destiny.

"The kissin' booth is open, lads," the sir then shouted.

I groaned, then dropped my head to my hands; this was so bloody embarrassing. About two minutes passed until a group of first year lads got the courage to inch their way towards the booth.

"We have money," one of the lads said.

I couldn't help but recoil a little; these lads were all only thirteen or so, and it was possible that Destiny or I was about to be their first kiss. That thought didn't sit well with me.

"Okay, lads. No blondes this year so those who prefer redheads line up in front of me and those who prefer brunettes line up in front of Bronagh," Destiny said taking charge with the line that the girls working the booth each year had to use.

It was a quick way to get the lines formed in front of the girls doing the kissing and made things less awkward incase the lad didn't know whom to choose.

There were eight lads and five of them lined up in front of me, which shocked the hell out of me. I figured they would pick Destiny even if they preferred brunettes, because she was so much better looking than me, even on a bad day.

I blinked when the first lad stepped towards me, held out his two Euro coin, and dropped it in my collection basket.

"I'm Toby." He smiled and revealed the cutest gap between his front teeth.

"Hi Toby, I'm Bronagh." I smiled and forced myself not to puke.

This lad was so cute, and I felt like I was about to violate him.

He shifted his stance and just looked at me like he was waiting for the green light to kiss me so I blew out a breath, puckered my lips, and leaned towards him. He jumped a little, smiled, then mimicked my actions and met my lips, pressing his against mine.

It was the type of kiss that was five seconds long and tight-lipped. The kind you would give someone as a quick peck on the cheek but, instead, it was on my lips, and Toby seemed to be thrilled with that.

"Thanks," he breathed.

When I pulled back from him, he just stood staring at me with a bright smile and wide eyes.

"Toby, it's my turn to kiss 'er now," a lad from behind Toby hollered.

Toby frowned but quickly smiled at me again before moving off. The four lads that followed Toby all got the same five second long, closed-mouthed kiss, and afterwards they acted like I had flashed them my boobs with the way they gazed at me.

"This is fun," Destiny chirped from my left.

I looked at her, my face scrunched up in horror. "They were practically babies!"

She rolled her eyes. "Puh-lease, we're only like four to five years older than them. Besides, it was only for two seconds."

Five seconds.

I shook my head. "I still didn't think it was fun."

"You will when the older lads pile in and come over."

I snorted and said, "I will happily leave you to deal with them since you seem to enjoy this."

"Really? Deadly, thanks!"

I snorted then turned my head and looked around the hall at the rest of the set-ups to earn money. There were games, baked goods for sale, dancing, and other stuff that I couldn't see from where I was sat.

"You know that Jason is back from his holidays early, right? And that he prefers brunettes over redheads?"

Why did she keep talking to me?

Wait, did she say Jason was back from his holidays… early?

"That news just made me die inside."

Destiny snorted so I looked at her and said, "He will choose you over me; he knows I don't like him."

That was an understatement; Jason knew I hated him.

Jason was the captain of the football team and had been a pain in my arse since second class in primary school when he decided to bully me for his personal amusement.

The captain of each sports team always had to hit up the kissing booth and bring their players along. For some reason other boys in the school did the same shite they did, and the teachers knew that, so they made a deal with the teams to promote the kissing booth so they could earn more money for their uniforms and stuff. I mean, the money we all raised went directly to their teams, so they got pretty hands - lips - on about it each year and made sure the kissing booth made the most money. Because according to them, it was the most fun during the whole event.

Destiny's laughter got my attention. "Exactly, which is why he will choose you because it will make you mad, and he lives for that."

"He doesn't like me either, why would he want to kiss me just to piss me off?”

"I don't know, but you can ask him 'cause here he and the football team comes now."

"Ladies." Jason grinned and rubbed his hands together when he came to a stop in front of the booth. "Well, lady and Bronagh."

I glared at him then at the team and took charge instead of Destiny. "You know the drill, if you like redheads line up in front of Destiny and if you want a dig in the face, line up in front of me 'cause I'm your girl."

I hated that an even amount of the team separated into lines, a good few chose me, and it made me blink.

"Did you not hear me sayin' I'll dig you in the face?" I questioned them.

I got back grins, smirks, and even an 'I'll risk it'.

"I have a cold sore," I blurted out, hoping they would run away in terror.

They didn't, they only laughed.

"We're payin' costumers, you have to kiss us. It's in the rules." Gavin Collins grinned when he shoved his way to the front of the line.

I was in a lot of Gavin's classes, and he seemed like a really nice lad. He was really cute as well, so when my face turned red it wasn't because I was angry with him. He was one of those lads that was seriously good looking, tall and lean but still remained nice and not arrogant. Which made him many girls' perfect dream man.

"Whatever," I muttered, trying to downplay my blush.

Gavin stepped forward, dropped four Euro into my basket, and smirked at my raised eyebrows. "I want an extra long kiss."

I felt horrified and flattered at the same time.

"What? Why?"

Gavin gave me a 'duh' look, but I didn't understand what I was supposed to get so I just stared back at him until he laughed and leaned the whole one hundred percent of the way into me, put his hand on the back of my neck, and pulled my head to his.

Then he kissed me, and because I was so shocked, I opened my mouth which he filled with his tongue. I couldn't pull away and the way his hand cupped my face, I could do nothing but mimic his actions and kiss him back.

This was my first real kiss.

That's all I could think of during the kiss; it didn't leave a lot of time to actually enjoy it. I blinked my eyes open when Gavin pulled away from me grinning.

"That was more than four Euros worth so here is another two." He chuckled and flipped another two Euro into my basket.

I just blinked at him before clearing my throat. "Uh, thanks?"

Gavin laughed, then winked as he moved aside in the line. The next couple of lads kissed me exactly like Gavin did, and it made me feel weird. These lads never paid attention to me at all during our time in school, not that I paid them any either, and yet they kissed me like I was their one and only. I kissed them back just like they kissed me, but there was no intensity behind my kisses. I was merely just moving my mouth and tongue.

My lips were starting to hurt and felt a little puffy, so by the time the last lad from the team in line stepped up to me, I was happy it was nearly over. I wasn't happy when I saw who the lad was though.

"No way," I hissed, "go to Destiny!"

Jason smirked at me and said, "I'm a brunette man, Bronagh, can't bend the rules."

I hissed at him. "That's bullshit, you hate me, and I hate you. This is not happenin'!"

He stepped towards me, and I growled.

"Problem with kissin' me, Bronagh?" Jason grinned.

"I have a list a fuckin' mile long!" I snapped making him snicker.

I grimaced.

I hated him so much, probably even more than I hated Dominic. I groaned then; Jason was back in school, and Dominic was here as well now. They both made my life hell and would totally be to blame if I ever killed myself.

Jason stepped forward to me again so I swung at him with my right fist making him laugh and jump back. I heard a deep chuckle from behind Jason then, a chuckle that made me want to shrivel up and die.

"I'm feeling a little jealous here, Bronagh, I thought I was the only guy that you physically assaulted around here."

I growled when Dominic stepped out from behind Jason and grinned down at me.

The lanky bastard!

"You must be Nico?" Jason said getting Dominic's attention.

Dominic looked to him and nodded, which made Jason smile as he said, "Some of the lads told me you filled in on tormentin' Bronagh while I was away. It's much appreciated, man. I didn't want her to get too bored without someone to annoy her."

I scoffed.

What a dick!

"When you're both done blowin' each other, you can kindly f*ck off," I bit out making them both turn to me and grin.

I glared at them both.

"Rules say you have to kiss anyone from the ages of thirteen and eighteen if they are payin'," Jason smirked at me.

I wanted to kick him in the face.

"I know the fuckin' rules but why me? Why not Destiny? You both hate me, and I hate you!"

They both smiled, and I snarled.

I flicked my eyes behind the lads' forms and spotted a girl that for once made me happy at the sight of her.

"Micah," I shouted, "your boyfriend is tryin' to buy a kiss!"

Jason's face turned red when he looked over his shoulder and spotted Micah Daley, his equally evil girlfriend, storming towards us.

"You fuckin' cunt!" Jason hissed to me.

He turned to face Micah and held his hands up by his face. "I'm team captain; I have to kiss one of them, and I had to pick a brunette because they are my preference, but I was only goin' to plant one on her cheek. I swear."

Micah glared at him.

"Like I'd kiss any girl when I have you, babe. Especially Bronagh. Micah, she is disgustin'."

Thanks for the vote of confidence, prick.

I rolled my eyes.

"Give me the two Euro," Micah snapped and held out her hand.

Jason gave her his money then turned his body to look at her when she moved by him and headed towards me. Fuck!

"I wasn't goin' to let him kiss me cheek, I swear," I blurted out and resisted throwing my arms in front of my face.

You see, Micah was a kickboxer and could probably kill me with one punch or kick, and I really didn't want to die like that.

Micah rolled her eyes. "It's mandatory for the sports teams to help out at the kissin' booth since it makes the most money but Jason won't be kissin' you or Destiny. I will fill in for him."

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