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Soul Mate(4)
Catherine Bybee

Black lace panties enticed his eyes. They, too, fell to her ankles. Soft pale curls covered her core. Not to be outdone, Nick made quick work of ridding his form of unwanted clothing.

The corners of her mouth turned up while watching his brief striptease.

Never shy, Nick stood to his six feet height, his sex ready to please. Kari pushed away from the wall and slid her hand over his desire.

“Lord, woman. What you do to me.” But she didn"t hear him.

He closed his eyes. Let his head roll back onto his shoulders and enjoyed her touch.

The slow caress of her hands moved, until a small drop moistened the tip of his very happy penis.

If she didn"t stop, he wouldn"t be able to control his actions. He pushed her hands away and stared deep into her eyes, looking for any sign of turning back.

Short gasps of breath escaped slightly parted lips. Not wanting to wait any longer, Nick feathered a touch down the length of her body and rounded her mound. There, he slipped one finger into her soft, moist heat. Fluid raced down his hand. Damn, she is wet. And oh, so ready.

Her knees gave way, dancing fingers stoked around her swollen sex until she arched against him.

Unable to stop, he once again pushed her against the wall of the cave.

Holding her gaze, strong hands guided her h*ps until he rested on her entrance.

She was the one who pulled him close, but he was the one who plunged.

Tight folds of her skin surrounded him, begging. She clenched her muscles tight, damn near finishing him before they began. Fighting off the desire to come instantly, Nick set the pace. Slow deep thrusts rocked them both.

Kari"s pleasure mounted almost immediately. He felt her body spasm but she continued to move, wanting more. Each thrust drove them harder. One of her legs circled his waist. Her teeth dug into his shoulder with savage hunger. Hands grasped his ass until he thought there would be marks. Still, he kept moving.

Maybe it was the cave, the waterfall, or maybe the woman herself, but when she arched against him, her cry rent the air despite the thunder of the water, Nick"s body shot higher than ever before.

Kari slumped against the hard planes of his body, and tried to catch her breath. Even now, with their passion spent, his scent filled her completely.

Standing na*ed and pressed against a cave wall was a first for her. The man holding her was, as well. She couldn"t describe why, but Nick Murdock did more than fill her body with his seed. He touched something much deeper. For the first time since the change, Kari was scared.

Nick regained his breath and took her face in his hands. Without words, he searched her eyes for her thoughts. With more confidence than she felt, Kari tossed her hair that had come loose, and licked her bottom lip. Nick grinned.

He motioned toward the back of the cave and took her hand. Gathering their clothes along the way, they found a much quieter part of their shelter, away from the pounding sound of the water.

Kari put her nose to the air, to see if she could sense any unwanted visitors.

They were alone. Evidence of previous occupants was apparent by the small fire ring and half-burned logs. Obviously, teenage kids had found this spot and used it recently.

“Hey,” Nick interrupted her thoughts.

She glanced his way then reached into her pack for her blanket. “Hey back.”

His hand stopped her. “Why the sudden shut off?”

I’m petrified, she wanted to tell him. “I"m cold,” she said instead.

He helped remove her blanket and draped it over her shoulders. His fingers touched the edges of her skin where the knife had punctured her the night before.

“I thought this would look much worse for all the bleeding it did earlier today.”

“I heal quickly.”


Sitting on a rock, Kari watched him put on his boxers and shirt. His pants, like hers, were soaked.

“I didn"t mean for that to happen,” Nick told her.

“Neither did I.”

He knelt before her and captured her hands in his. “I"m not sorry it did.” His hands pushed her hair back. “You"re amazing.”

“You"re not so bad yourself, Murdock. Even standing in freezing cold water, you grew harder than a rock.” The best way for her to get her mind off the emotional connection she suddenly felt for the man in front of her was to make light of their encounter.

“It"s your fault. Watching that sexy ass hike up the trail for two miles drove me crazy.”

She chuckled, but couldn"t come up with a come back. She shivered, and Nick stood and looked around.

“Do you have any matches in there?” He pointed toward her bag.

“I have a lighter.”

“Even better.”

He lifted the bag and opened it up, pulled out her novel with two half-naked people on the cover, turned it over in his hands and narrowed his eyes at her.

Her face grew hot.

“I would never have guessed.” He laughed.

He tossed the book to the ground and removed the lighter from the bottom of the bag. Kari quickly replaced her book when he went to the edge of the cave and gathered dry leaves. Within minutes, he had a fire flickering to life.

“Once we dry off, we should head on back.”

Nick moved around the fire and took a seat next to her. “What"s the matter, Pierce? Are you afraid of roughing it for the night?”

“Oh, please...I"m the one with all the supplies. It"s you who isn"t prepared.”

“You were planning on this?”

“Not this, exactly, but...”

She stopped talking when he placed his arm around her shoulders and drew her close. He motioned toward the mouth of the cave where the sun started to set.

“It"ll be dark soon. We"d be better off staying here for the night.”

Shivering and not because she was cold, she wondered what a full night with this seductive man might do to her growing trepidation. “I, ah…” she stammered.

“I can keep you warm.”

“You"ve proven that already.”

He laughed.

“Listen, Nick, I don"t want you to get the wrong idea,” she began, then looked away.

He put a finger on her chin and forced her eyes to his. “I"m suggesting spending the night, nothing else.” It was Kari thinking about the next day, and the one after that.

“The night?”

He lowered his lips to hers; her body trembled with the tenderness of his kiss.

“The whole night.”

He trailed his lips down the column of her throat.

Oh, yeah. This is bad. Not smart at all. “Okay.”

Nick lowered her to the ground, and made good on his promise to keep her warm.

Curled up under his arm, Kari"s even breathing told him she was still in a world of dreams.

Her soft pink lips parted slightly, reminding him of the night they shared, and all the places those lips had traveled. The memory of her bent over his erection had him growing hard. He closed his eyes and forced his body to comply with his brain. Making love to her three times was bound to make her sore, a forth would prove he was no better than an animal.

The fire dwindled to coals as the brisk morning air saturated the cave. He considered leaving her side when she shivered and moved closer to his warmth. A broad smile spread over his face.

He"d never met a woman like her. Between making love and eating granola bars, they spoke about their lives. Although she was extremely vague, he learned her sister lived with her, and had after the death of their parents. Kari felt a certain amount of responsibility for her younger sibling. She kept to her story about being in the Sequoias on a vacation, but when asked about when she was going home, she told him, “I couldn"t get a flight out until tomorrow.” That left Nick to question why she would lie. What on earth was she hiding?

Staring down on her porcelain features, he remembered the photos of her after the attack. He moved closer inspecting her smooth skin. There was nothing, not one scar.

He moved away slightly and examined her arm that had bled so profusely the day before. Her bandage had fallen off in the night and under it was a red closed line. No scabs at all.

She"d told him she healed fast, but this was uncanny.

Kari rolled over, her eyes fluttered open. Seeing him, she smiled and licked
her lips. “Morning.”

Her husky morning voice was every man"s fantasy. “Good morning.” He placed a gentle kiss to her forehead and hoped there wouldn"t be any „morning after awkwardness." He wasn"t sure if they had a chance outside of the one night they shared, but he didn"t want to say the wrong thing and blow his chances of seeing her again.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like you want to say something, but are afraid to.”

Nick let his gaze and fingers travel down her neck. She caught her breath.

Only when his fingers moved over her half exposed breast did she let the air out.

“You look lovely in my shirt.”

He cupped his palm over her breast.

“You mean out of your shirt,” she giggled, a girly giggle which surprised him.

From the look on her face, it shocked her as well. He got the impression she didn"t let herself relax very often.

“Out of it, in it, whatever you want.”

She caught his hand and stopped his pursuit. “Sorry to disappoint you, Murdock. But my flight leaves in…,” she turned her wrist and glanced at her watch,

“six hours. If we left now, I"d be pushing my luck getting to the airport in time.”

She was right, but he wasn"t about to let her go without a fight.

Lowering his mouth to her exposed nipple, he circled the tiny orb with his tongue. It hardened instantly.

“You don"t play fair,” she told him, squeezing his hand.

Moving lower, he found a sensitive spot below her ribcage with his teeth.

She arched toward him. Her fingers spread and traveled to his hair. Smiling, he stayed poised over her navel, enjoying the salty taste of her skin.

He sent a puff of heated breath across the curls between her legs. She moaned, arched, and caused his blood to boil.

“What were you saying?” he asked after one pass of his tongue on her exposed and swollen nub.

“You...” She buckled when his lips clasped on and sucked. “Oh, Nick.”

Slick heat moistened his lips while her h*ps met his eager mouth.

He could get used to this. Very used to this.

With his tongue and lips, he moved faster, bringing her to the very edge of passion. Her hands grasped his head and kept him as close as two people could be, until her eager cries escalated in the earth-shattering moans of pleasure.

Before her passions crashed to the floor, he rose above her to ease his desire.

With his first thrust, her body shuddered again.

“You"re insatiable,” he told her.

A Cheshire cat grin found her lips. In one swift movement, she turned him on his back and took control. Straddling his pulsating erection, she rode him hard.

Her br**sts thrust out in abandon, which he made love to one at a time.

“You started this, Nick.”

He felt her sheath clench. He nearly lost it. “Damn,” he grit between his teeth. “I"ve never known anyone like you.”

“I"ll bet you say that to every girl you screw in a cave.” Her voice edged on harsh.

Nick stopped all movements. Eyes locked with hers.

“No, Kari. That"s not what I mean.”

Worry passed over her face. It vanished quickly. Something changed in that moment. Nick couldn"t put his finger on what, but it did.

She rocked over him, taking him. His body, with a mind of its own, quivered in mounting desire. Controlling hands guided her h*ps until she found her pleasure with a strangled cry.

Only then did he take his release.

But he wasn"t fulfilled. Not by a long shot.

They dressed in relative silence, then picked their way along the path of the cave and onto the trail that brought them to the falls.

What is he thinking? Kari wondered. She cursed her off handed comments in the last moments of passion. It was her MO to turn off her lovers before they left.

In this case it was her doing the leaving, but she needed to break the connection anyway. Didn"t she?

For the second time in twenty-four hours, she damned her infliction. If it wasn"t for her secret, maybe she and Nick would have a chance at a real relationship. But, in twenty-seven days she"d turn again. No man would put up with that.

Half a mile from the cars, Kari heard a rustling in the brush. She stopped and turned her head to the side. Bears. Nick walked in front of her, deep in his own thoughts. Oblivious of what was coming.

“Murdock,” she hissed.

“What?” He turned back.

“Hold up.” Kari peered at the hillside to their right. At least three figures were having breakfast and headed their way.

Nick followed her eyes but the bears weren"t in sight yet.

“What, did you see something?”

“Come on.” She grabbed his hand, and pulled him onto a large rock. From their perch, the bears would think they were large animals, and with any luck leave them alone. “What are you doing?”

Reaching the top of the rock, Kari pointed to their foe.

Momma meandered out with her two cubs enjoying the morning sun.

“Holy shit, how did you see them?”

“I didn"t. I heard them.”

Nick gave her a disbelieving look then watched the bears picking their way through the forest.

Momma took notice of them for a brief moment, contemplated the threat, then moved her babies along.

Once they passed, Nick turned to her and asked, “What was that all about?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know damn well what I mean. How did you hear those bears? I hardly noticed them when they were on top of us.”

“Sixth sense,” she replied.

“You know, Pierce, you don"t lie very well. Your eye does this little twitchy thing that gives you away every time.”

With hands on her hips, Kari stared him down. “I just saved your ass from what could have been one pissed off Momma. You"d think you"d be a little more grateful. But no, one night in the sack and you think you can call me a liar.”

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?” she spit.

“Make light of what"s happening between us.”

“Us? There is no us, Nick. You are going your way; I"m going mine. We had a fling. Now it"s time to go home.” If it was only a fling, why did it hurt already?

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