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Wicked Werewolf Night (Werewolf Society #1)
Lisa Renee Jones

Chapter One

A witch’s torment…

Aylia Richardson appeared in the deserted Nevada diner parking lot in a flash of air and evening wind that blew her long chestnut hair around her shoulders. Beside her was her transporter, an ancient and powerful leader in the Vampire world’s law keepers, The Wardens, who looked more hot Viking than blood sucker. He was a friend to her Coven of the Rain in their quest to protect humanity, and to The Werewolf Society, whose civil war had turned dangerous to them all.

Her gaze swept over the five people standing before them. Among them were three more Vampire Wardens – brothers Evan, Aiden, and Troy Brooks. Beside Troy was Cassie, the werewolf that he loved. It was for Troy and Cassie that Marcus had brought her here today to help by binding a spell that had been cast on Troy. The leader of the rebel wolves had dabbled in magic he couldn’t control, mixing it with Troy’s blood, to turn himself into some kind of vicious hybrid mix of wolf and vampire. Instead, he had turned Troy into the hybrid, and not without complications. Troy couldn’t control the wolf inside him at all. She’d need her Coven necklace to use that kind of powerful magic, the necklace that held every spell she had cast with the blood bond of her coven. The one that the rebel leader had stolen from her to use in his spell. The one Marcus claimed Cassie’s brother Nico had recovered and not returned to her.

Aylia’s gaze slid to Nico Moore, her ex-lover, ex-love, and soon to be enemy. Her eyes skidded over his dark good looks, power and sex fanning off of him, before her attention landed solidly on the black and red pendant resting on his chest.

Anger and hurt rolled through Aylia and she charged towards Nico, her booted feet pounding on concrete. “You have my necklace?” she demanded, not the least bit cowed by the fact that he was the centuries old alpha of the Royal Guard, or that he towered over her five-feet-four inches by a full foot. Her chest tightened with emotion, and she could hear the rasp in her voice, the emotion she couldn’t control. “Why would you keep it from me? You know what it means to me. You know…” She stopped herself, aware of their audience, unwilling to reveal her destiny that only Nico and her Coven knew. She would be dead in six months on her twenty-sixth birthday without it; killed by a centuries old Coven curse that had been cast by an ancient warlock who’d been in love with a witch who had broken his heart.

“Because I was protecting your sweet little witchy ass, that’s why,” he said, his light brown hair curling to his chin and framing amber eyes that flashed with heat. Eyes that smoldered with a look that said, even after more than a year apart, that he was remembering every inch of her body, as she remembered the perfection of his beneath the leather he wore.

She brushed her hands down the h*ps of her black, knee-length skirt, fighting the urge to rip her necklace from his neck, angry that he could still make her want him. “Six months, Nico,” she whispered, reminding herself, reminding him, of just how dark the sin of his betrayal was.

“And if Andres gets a hold of you,” he said, “you won’t have six months left. He’ll kill you for the spell in your necklace, so that he can try the magic again.”

Andres. Just hearing the name of the wolf that had been infected with ‘Red,’ a rabies-like virus, filled her with guilt. She’d created a spell to bind the virus and remove the killer in Andres. Instead, she’d given him control and turned him from a mindless killer to a calculating killer who’d become the leader of the rebels.

“Just give me my necklace,” she said, as angry now at herself for what she had done as she was with Nico. “If you’d have shifted while you were wearing it, you might have destroyed it.” She lifted her palm to his chest and the necklace glowed, then snapped from his neck and into her hand. She closed her hand around it. “It knows where it belongs.” Her voice tightened. “And so do you, Nico.” She turned away, needing space, distance from Nico.

He shackled her arm, and pulled her to his side, lowering his voice. “We need to talk.”

“I don’t have anything to say to you, wolf.” She’d barely issued the replied when she gasped at the fierce heat radiating off of her necklace; warning her of an attack. She opened her mouth to shout a warning, but it was too late.

A blinding bright light flashed like an explosion around Aylia, around them all, and she could feel the crackle of powerful magic. Everything went black, as if someone had shut off every glimmer of light, both natural and man-made. This was not the magic of a newly practicing wolf. This was the magic of a powerful witch or wizard.

Someone grabbed Aylia from behind. “Give me the necklace, bitch,” a familiar voice growled in her ear, the grip on her arms brutally tight.

“Nico!” Aylia screamed. “It’s Andres! It’s Andres!”

A second later, Andres howled in excruciating pain, and released her. “I got you,” Nico said, pulling her away from her attacker and shoving her behind him.

A snarl filled the air and Aylia felt her heart jump to her throat. She was all but certain Andres had shifted to wolf.

“Run,” Nico shouted. “Run Aylia. Run now.”

She turned to run but it was too dark. Wolfish snarls suddenly seemed to surround her from seemingly everywhere. More magic, she was certain, but it didn’t change the risk of real wolves that might lurk nearby. She didn’t know where to go for fear she’d run right into the middle of a battle.

“I said ‘Run,’ damn it,” Nico growled, scooping her off her feet and taking off with her at a lightning speed that defied the darkness. Relieved by Nico’s presence, Aylia’s mind cleared, and she did what she should have already done. Desperate for light, Aylia tightened her grip on her necklace. Using the ancient magic inside bound by centuries of coven blood she cast away the darkness. Light blasted into her eyes and Nico turned in circles surveying their surroundings. Relief washed over Aylia as she found them still in the parking lot, and no one directly around them about to attack, but the snarls of battle were nearby. Nico turned towards the field beyond the pavement.

“No,” Aylia whispered at the sight of Nico’s sister lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Marcus was leaning over her, feeding her his blood from his wrist.

“No!” Nico echoed, the pain in his voice tore at Aylia’s heart. “Noooo!” He slid Aylia to her feet, grabbing her hand and running, as if he was afraid to let go of her.

Aylia kept pace with him the best she could, fear wrenching at her gut. Cassie wasn’t moving, she wasn’t responding to the blood Marcus was feeding her, and Aylia knew that wasn’t good. Marcus was powerful, ancient, a healer beyond that of a normal vampire. Her heart felt like it was going to explode in her chest. She scanned for the Vampire Wardens; she scanned for Troy who she knew would be by Cassie’s side if he could, fearing the worst.

She found Aiden and Evan in bloody brawls with shifted rebel wolves just beyond Cassie and Marcus’s location. Then to their left, she gasped at the sight of a clawed creature that was glowing silver in vicious war with a black wolf she recognized as Andres. Troy. He’d shifted into the hybrid beast she been told that he couldn’t control.

Nico dropped to his knees beside Cassie and Marcus. Aylia felt sick at the sight of Cassie’s ripped throat and pale face.

“Why isn’t she healing from your blood?” Nico demanded of Marcus, grabbing the Wardens shoulder. “Heal her, Vampire.”

It was an illogical alpha demand, one Aylia knew was driven by fear for his sister. It was his way of trying to take control of the uncontrollable.

Aylia didn’t give herself time to think of the consequences of her actions, of how easily healing magic could kill an inexperienced practitioner. For six months Nico had been her lover, her heart, and while Cassie had been away on a special Guard assignment during that time and Aylia did not know her well, she knew how much Nico loved her. And no matter what had happened between her and Nico, no matter what he’d done or not done, she still loved him. She had to help Cassie, no matter what the price.

Aylia pressed her hand to Marcus’s back, her other fist holding the necklace. She closed her eyes, calling on every part of herself and her magic. She willed her healing power, and that of the necklace, into Marcus, into his blood. The necklace warmed and glowed in her hand and still she called for more magic. Her hand heated, her spine burned. Everything around her went black again but not her mind. In her mind, she saw Cassie healing, saw her alive and well.

Magic began to splinter through Aylia’s body as Cassie’s pain became her pain. In some far part of her mind, she heard Nico calling her name, felt his arms around her. A piercing blast of energy shook her and her knees buckled. The world blurred in and out until Aylia realized she was in Nico’s lap and he was sitting on the ground, against a tree.

“Cassie?” she asked. “Please tell me she’s okay.”

“She’s awake,” he said, pressing her hair from her face, brushing blood from her nose. “You’re bleeding. You could have killed yourself.”

She touched his cheek, trailing her fingers over the goatee that gave him that ultra wicked look she loved so much. “I’m fine. If Cassie is all right, then I’m more than fine.”

“Because of you, Aylia,” he said, his voice low, hoarse. “She’s fine because of you.”

She opened her mouth to respond when she heard Cassie’s panicked voice behind her. “Troy. Where’s Troy?”

Aylia turned to locate Cassie, eager to confirm her well being, but suddenly Cassie ran past them, her bloodied, torn clothes hanging off her newly healed body. “Troy!” Cassie screamed. “Troy!”

Nico settled Aylia onto the ground against the tree, and they both quickly identified where Cassie was headed. Not more than two hundred yards away, Troy, still glowing silver, stood above Andres’s dead body, his eyes blazing red.

“Cassie, stop!” Nico shouted, pushing to his feet and launching into a run instantly. Evan and Aiden were running towards Troy as well from another angle but they were too late to stop Cassie. Cassie stopped in front of Troy and he immediately grabbed her and pulled her to him, howling as he did.

Aylia’s heart lurched and she shoved to her feet, fighting dizziness as she watched Marcus join Nico and his Wardens to form a line in front of Troy and Cassie. Over and over, Cassie screamed for them to stay back, that Troy wouldn’t hurt her.

Aylia took off running towards them at the same moment that Nico lunged at Troy and Cassie. Troy let out a fierce, ear piercing screech like nothing Aylia had ever heard and then threw Cassie over his shoulder. A second later, he was gone, traveling so fast she couldn’t even see him move. Aiden and Evan disappeared a moment later, using their vampire speed to give chase.

Nico stood there, unmoving; staring at the spot where his sister had been seconds before, no doubt aware of the limitations of a wolf to match a vampire’s pace. Aylia closed her arm around his, willing him to look at her. “He won’t hurt her. He loves her, Nico.” She stepped in front of him and took his hand and his eyes met hers. Pain radiated from their depths; fear that she had never seen in her alpha lover. “He won’t kill her.” She pressed her necklace to his palm. “I’m so sure he won’t that I’d bet my life on it.”

Shock registered in his face, his amber eyes darkening, before he pressed the necklace back into her hand and closing her fingers around it. “Use your magic to fix the chain and put it back on. Where it belongs, Aylia.”

Marcus stepped to their sides. “She’s right about Troy, Nico. Be it wolf, vampire, or the man he used to be, Troy loves Cassie. I’d bet my life as well, that he won’t hurt her.”

Aiden and Evan reappeared in a rush of speed. “We’ll never catch him,” Aiden said. “He’s freaking amazingly fast and he’s already too far gone. We’re better off to anticipate his destination and have Marcus flash us there.”

“You’re a fu**ing vampires,” Nico growled. “Run faster and stop standing around. What if he stops somewhere with her in the woods? How the hell do we anticipate that? What if he …” Nico’s eyes flashed yellow, the way they did before he shifted, revealing a lack of control she’d never seen in him before now. “I’ll go after them.” He took off running.

“What if they have a confrontation and no one is there to stop it,” Aylia said, turning to Marcus. “Stop him. You have to stop him.”

“He needs the run,” Marcus said. “Let him work through what he’s got to work through.”

Aylia turned again to follow Nico with her eyes, watching as his clothes tore, and his body shifted until he was a deep coffee brown, ancient werewolf fading into the distance. Gone as quickly as he’d come back into her life.

Aylia felt the rare prickle of tears. “I caused what happened to Troy, and now Cassie,” she said glancing at Marcus, not able to look at Troy’s brothers and risk seeing their blame, too. “He knows that. I know that. He…just… Please, Marcus, can you just flash me to Troy so I can try and fix this?”


Marcus had been certain Troy would take Cassie to the mountain house where they’d been staying together, and that’s exactly what Troy did.

Now, hours later, Aylia walked out onto the back porch of the house to find Marcus on the back porch waiting on her. Not only had Cassie been safe upon her arrival with Troy, she’d calmed Troy enough for him to shift back to his normal, blood sucking self. Aylia had then bound the magic in him, giving him control over the wolf that was now a part of him. It was the best she could do. She couldn’t destroy the wolf inside him without killing him.

“You did good, darling,” Marcus said, leaning on the wooden railing, the midnight full moon behind him.

She grimaced. “You know I hate when you call me that.”

“Would you rather I call you ‘little witch’?”

“Not funny,” she said at the reference to Nico’s nickname for her. “Where is he?” He’d been there during the spell casting, dressed in one of the Brooks brothers’ clothes he’d borrowed, but had disappeared with Marcus as soon as it was over.

“Some Werewolf business to attend,” he said. “A bone to chew or something like that.”

Hurt by Nico’s absence, by the fact that he didn’t want to see her, somehow, she managed a weak attempt at a smile. “You know, Nico hates your dog jokes as much as I hate your nicknames.”

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