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Reluctant (Cascadia Wolves #3)(4)
Lauren Dane

“As long as your insides stay dirty, I’m fine with that.”

“Yeah?” A soap-slicked hand wrapped around his c**k and began to slowly ride up and down the shaft.

His eyes dropped closed as he lazily accepted her touch. She added a second hand.

Each hand slid up from the root of him, over the crown and head, and as the other followed to make the same path the seeds of his orgasm were sown and sensation began to build. Her scent rose on the steam, tightening his body.

Her sole focus was on him and pride burst through his senses. This beautiful, vibrant woman gave herself to him, made his pleasure her goal, and he’d never felt more amazing.

“Honey, let’s get into the bedroom.” His need to be inside her ramped up and his control hung by a thread. Knowing he’d have to share her, even for something as natural and necessary as the tri-bond, drove his need to have her, mark her, before his cousin arrived.

She stepped out and toweled off as he picked her up. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she teased them both, sliding her pu**y over his cock.

“Still naughty on the inside, I see.” Sid tossed her on the bed and she laughed as she bounced.

“With you, I seem to have a limitless supply.”

“Oh good. I’m glad to know I bring the goods into this relationship.”

She held her hand out to him. “Come on then. Do me before I start going crazy.”

Shaking his head, he fell to the mattress next to her. “Don’t joke! Damn it, Layla, I was so worried about you. Tia told me where you were. She’s worried too. My cousin will be here. No, not Adam. Shane. Shane is a good guy, probably my closest male relative other than my oldest brother. He spent many summers with us when I was growing up. My brothers are all much older than I am, Shane was one of my only other cousins who was near to my age. I trust him with my life, god knows he and I got into enough trouble as teenagers. His mom is human, his dad is a werewolf. He didn’t really grow up in a Pack so my parents were sort of in charge of his education as a werewolf.

It’s a very long story but she—his mom—lives in Portland and he’s been visiting her on break from school. He goes to medical school at UCLA. Anyway, he’s on his way up from Portland. We’ve got some alone time for now.”

Pushing him back against the bed, Layla rolled atop him and rained kisses on his neck and over his chest. “Okay. I’m not happy about this. I know, I know it’s necessary and all. I can feel myself losing my grip already. I’m more irrational than I normally am.

But you know, I’d rather have a fun threesome, not some rigid, forced thing.”

“Layla, after this, there’ll be no more threesomes.” His voice was a growl and the ferocity of it sent shivers down her spine. “You’re mine. I don’t relish the idea of you being with anyone else either. But it’s our reality and what we need to do to keep you safe if something should happen to me. And so let’s just make the best of it. I’ll stay here if you don’t mind. I can’t bear the thought of it happening and not knowing.”

Shimmying down his torso, she let her hair trail over his skin as she kissed and licked over his stomach. She surrounded his c**k with her br**sts and he groaned.

His hands slid through her hair and cradled her skull. “You’re suddenly so important to me. Three days ago I didn’t even know you and now you’re everything.”

“Hmmm. A girl could get used to hearing stuff like that.” Moving down further, she licked the head of him, tasting the salty spice of his pre-cum.

“Oh yeah, well, a guy could get used to that too.”

Moving to kneel between his thighs, she bent on all fours and took him into her mouth. She loved the taste of him, the feel of his skin as she licked over him.

The hot slick of her mouth on his c**k began to pool sensation at the base of his spine. He’d never felt anything like it, the slide of her tongue against him. Watching down his body, he was mesmerized by the dreamy sway of her ass, each knob of her spine down the curve of her creamy back. She was exquisite, the sexiest thing he’d ever seen and felt.

He let her continue to suck his cock, watching her mouth, feeling his balls tighten against his body, knowing his cl**ax was approaching. Each draw of her mouth and swirl of her tongue was another step higher.

Waiting until he teetered just on the edge of coming, he gently pulled her back.

“Wait, honey. I want that sweet pu**y around me when I come. Ride me, Layla.”

Scrambling up his body quickly, she knelt over him and reached back to guide him true. That moment, suspended just above him, her hand around the girth of his cock, the expectancy of it, was sweet. She felt the heat of her pu**y just above her hand and the hardness of his c**k would soon fill her.

She let the anticipation build, feeling herself grow even wetter, her cl*t throbbing in time with her heart. Catching her bottom lip in her teeth, she looked down into his face, watching his pupils widen and the steady beat of his pulse at his neck.

“You’re going to kill me.”

“Wouldn’t want that. I need you alive for your cock.” Her voice was teasing as she slowly sank down onto him.

Sensation shot up her spine. Pleasure filled her, electric and hot, his c**k the source.

She arched her back to take him deeper, feeling the head nudge against her cervix as she lowered herself down on him over and over.

The muscles in his abdomen bunched and released against her inner thighs. His hands stroked over the skin of her thighs and up the curve of her waist. Her wolf pressed against her human skin and brushed against him. In answer, his wolf did the same and her skin felt tight, nearly too small as the feeling filled and filled and filled her until she thought she’d explode.

Panic began to edge against the pleasure but his soft touch and murmured words calmed her. “Shhh, honey. It’s just us. Let it be.” Big hands held her h*ps and she let go, let his calm wash over her. “That’s the way, honey. I love the way you feel around me.”

Her palms moved over his chest as she pulled his c**k back into her pussy, deep and hard. Over and over.

Hands held her breasts, thumbs lazily moving back and forth over her nipples. Her breath hitched as she caught his gaze, looking at her with deep hunger. More deep than sexual hunger. He devoured every detail of her face, the line of her neck. His hands on her br**sts were reverent.

Her honey, hot and sticky, brushed against his groin, scalded his cock. The superheated walls of her pu**y gripped him, pulled him back into her body even as she rose up on her thighs and withdrew.

The sight of her, like a goddess above him, burned into his soul. One hand slid down and he drew his fingertips through the wet and swollen folds of her pussy, bringing her honey up and around her cl*t in big circles.

She gasped and he groaned when her pu**y fluttered around him as her body readied itself for orgasm.

“You’re pretty good with all your appendages there, Sid. I think I’ll keep you around just to see what you can do with your elbows and nose.”

A surprised laugh came from him. “So essentially, that whole suit thing is like your Clark Kent disguise?”

He sped up the fingers on her clit, moving them from side to side so it took her long moments to find words. “You have to know it’s a bit hard to concentrate on your questions when you do that.” She tightened herself around him and raised a satisfied eyebrow when he gasped. “Clark Kent? ’Cause I’m so super in the sack?”

“Among other things.” Things shifted between them and it became a competition to see who could make the other come first. “But what I mean is that underneath the tailored clothing there’s this whole other layer to you. I gotta tell you, it’s pretty intoxicating.”

She paused, incredibly touched, and then burst into tears.

“Honey? That was a compliment.” He sounded confused and slightly worried but she noticed he didn’t stop his fingertips over her clit.

“I know. I’m not usually like this. I…what you said, it just touched me. It was a lovely thing to say.”

Shane couldn’t get there fast enough for Sid. He knew the tears and uneven emotions were due to it being so long without the tri-bond. Still, he watched her pull herself together and relief poured through them both.

Increasing the pressure over her clit, he matched the intensity of pulling and rolling fingers at her nipple. Moaning, her head dropped forward and she began to grind herself against his fingers as she sped up her pace on his cock.

“Oh, it’s like that, is it?”

“Show me what you got,” she panted.

And he did, gently squeezing her cl*t over and over between thumb and forefinger.

“Come on, hot stuff, show me what your cunt feels like when it comes around my cock.”

She moved so that she was directly above him, levering back on his c**k instead of sitting astride him. Over and over she slammed her body back against him. He wasn’t going to last much longer, but neither was she.

He reared up and bit her then, where neck meets shoulder, and pushed her into cl**ax. Which tipped him over right with her. Blinding waves of pleasure shot through him and through their link he felt her cl**ax as well. Ricocheting back and forth between them, their united orgasm went on and on until he was sure he couldn’t take another second of it.

Finally she fell to the side, his c**k still inside her body.

“I win,” she mumbled.

“Hey! I won. You came first.” He brushed the hair out of her face.

“Exactly. I won.”

They lay there, hands all over the other, legs tangled, for some time. No talking, just taking simple pleasure in the other’s presence.

The phone in the room rang and Sid leaned over her body to answer it. The conversation was short and Layla got out of bed to clean up a bit. When she came back he’d hung up.

“That was Shane. He’ll be here in a few minutes.”

She sat with a sigh. He smiled when he noted she was wearing his robe. “Okay.”

“I know you’re upset about all of this. I wish it could be slow. So you could get used to the idea of being with me.”

“It’s not so much being with you. I like being with you. Look,” she stood up, needing to move while she worked through it all, “it’s about the suddenness and then this whole tri-bond thing.”

“You think it’s easy for me? I have a life too, Layla!”

Her first response died as she clenched her teeth. She wanted to yell at him but it wasn’t fair. “I know you do, Sid.”

His anger drained from him as he saw her rein her impatience back. Getting up and going to her, he pulled her tight against his body. Her arms encircled his waist and she put her head on his chest.

“We’ll make it work. I actually really do love it up here. And I’ve got family in the Northwest obviously.”

“After we complete the tri-bond, you need to check out of this hotel and move into my condo. We’ll start looking for something with studio space for you soon. We need to move forward to the next stage of our life together.”

Relief. Relief that they would make it work flooded him. Now that she accepted it, he could revel in finding his mate. The thing that werewolves wait so long for had happened. And his mate was beautiful and strong and smart. It would be all right.

“Good. I hate sleeping in hotels. The last two nights, knowing you were out there but I couldn’t find you, drove me crazy.”

A knock sounded on the door and Layla stiffened.

“Hold on, honey. Shane’s a good person. I wouldn’t trust your tri-bond to just anyone.” Sid went to the door and let his cousin in.

It wasn’t like Layla could complain. Shane was tall and broad and shared the same black hair that Sid and Adam had.

Without preamble he approached her and hugged her, kissing each cheek.

“Welcome to our family, Layla. I’m honored to serve as your Anchor.”

Layla blushed like crazy. “Thank you, Shane.”

Sid watched her, saw how uncomfortable she was. “I have an idea. Honey, I can tell you’re really nervous about this whole thing. I don’t want it to be some stilted, horrible experience. I don’t want you to feel embarrassed about liking what Shane is doing. You should enjoy it.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Okay. So what’s your idea?”

He turned and rustled around in his suitcase and came back with a long silk handkerchief. “My mother. She has a thing about handkerchiefs. This one is long enough. She refers to them as ‘werewolf size’.”

“Long enough for what?” Her voice went up an octave as he approached. Shane just watched his cousin with interested eyes.

Sid chuckled. “To blindfold you. That way you can enjoy yourself without guilt.

You won’t have to worry about who is touching you where and how to respond. You just have to feel and enjoy.” And he wouldn’t have to watch her eyes meet another man’s as he made her come either. He held the red handkerchief up. “What do you say?”

“That’s a great idea, Sid!” Shane grinned. “Layla, would this work for you? I know it’s not easy. I’m a stranger and heck, Sid’s not much more than one. But I’m standing here making my promise to you to be your Anchor and to step in when and if you need me. In some ways, you’ll be my mate too. I want this to be okay for you.”

Layla looked at them both, strong male wolves bending over backward to make her feel better about ha**ng s*x with two of them. She laughed. “Twist my arm. Okay, I’ll have sex with two hot werewolves while I’m blindfolded. But I have to give Tia the details. She’ll kill me if I don’t.”

Sid started for a moment and then rolled his eyes. “Okay. You ready?” Layla nodded and he moved to her and kissed her softly. “I don’t know if you’re ready to hear this yet or not, but I love you.”

She gulped air and nodded. “Ready or not, it’s still true. I love you too.”

He tied the kerchief around her head, not too tight but snug enough it wouldn’t slip off and no light got in.

Layla’s skin suddenly felt a hundred times more sensitive. She could smell both men and hear the rustle of clothes being removed. And then the brush of fingertips as her robe was slipped from her body.

A hand at her shoulder and lower back guided her back in the direction of the bed.

Suddenly, lips brushed over the back of her neck as hands slid up her stomach. Most likely, she would have felt odd about reacting depending on who was doing what if she’d seen who was touching her. But with the blindfold, she was free to just accept the touches and relax.

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