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Alexa Riley

I can’t take anymore and I explode, moaning into his mouth as he eats my passion. Warm wetness coats me, spilling all over my clit and thighs, and I feel his body jerk above me.

He pulls his mouth from mine, burying his face in my hair, and I feel more of his warmth spill onto me as he jerks against me, saying my name over and over again like a prayer.

Slowly he pulls back, looking down at me. He releases my wrist, moving his hand instead to my face, pushing some of my hair to the side as he places a soft kiss on my lips. I try to push back, wanting more, greedy for his touch, but he pulls back.

“You want more, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I say instantly. He smiles, the scar on his face pulling tight. I want to reach up and kiss it, but I don’t want to move until he says I can. I just lie beneath him, ready for him.

Slowly he pulls off me, going back to stand between my legs at the end of the bed. I look down at my body and watch as he starts to rub the cum on my thighs and clit into my skin. My body jerks because I’m still so sensitive.

“It’s not enough,” he says, so quietly I almost don’t hear him. “I have to mark you more.” His eyes go to my breasts, and it’s then I see little purple marks all over them.

He pulls me further to the edge of the bed, and my eyes go to his hard cock. It looks almost angry as it points straight at me. I can’t look away from it.

He rubs it along my clit before sliding it down and pushing just a little inside me.

“I’m going to have to mark you everywhere. Your cunt, your mouth, even your ass. You’ll let me, too, won’t you?”

I lick my lips and nod, making his nostrils flare, his breathing picking up.

Then he starts to stroke himself. Not moving any deeper inside me.

“Sit up. I want you to watch this.” I sit up and Alexander pulls the belt from my wrists so I can lean on my elbows, watching him stroke himself with the head of his cock inside me. I feel myself clench around him, wanting him to push inside me, to take me, but he doesn’t.

“See this?” His eyes go to where our bodies are joined “It’s yours, little one. Every time it gets hard you’re going to take care of it. Take it deep into your body and take its release.”

I wiggle, wanting that. Wanting him to go deep, but he doesn’t. He just starts stroking faster. His face is pained, and my name falls from his lips in a deep groan. I feel wetness release inside me.

He takes a step back, his cock slipping from me, and I moan at the loss.

“Look at your little cunt. It’s tightening up trying to suck all that cum in.”

Chapter 4 Alexander

“Turn over. Get on all fours.”

I kick my pants the rest of the way off and watch as Liliana rolls over without hesitation. So trusting. The cum from her pussy runs down her thighs as she moves. I love seeing it on her, but I hate watching it leave her body. She’ll need more. Much more.

When I’m naked I crawl on the bed behind her, my stiff cock standing straight up. I’m still so hard for her. I’ve never been so hard in my life, but seeing her little hymen and knowing I’ll be the first to fuck her makes my balls heavy with need. I don’t know what’s happening, what’s coming over me, but there is no stopping it.

I reach down and rub my balls, feeling their weight and thinking of all the semen I can give her. How I’m going to try and impregnate her. Yes, I think she’d look good with my fat, raw cock inside her, pumping her full of baby batter. I own her now, so I can do what I want.

Running my hand up my shaft, I pump it a few times, feeling drops of cum slide down its length. I reach out, pushing her thighs wider apart - thighs that will only ever open for me - so that all of her is exposed to me.

My cock is so hard, I have to bend it down to her opening so that I can get inside her. But instead of pushing into her like he demands, I wait and rub the tip all over her.

“One more orgasm from you, sweet princess, and I think your pussy will be soft enough for me. It’s so pink and wet, but I know you’re untouched, so you’ll need to be broken in.”

She mumbles my name, trying to push back. It makes me smile to see how much she wants this, too.

I push one little finger inside her and touch the ring I’m going to breach through.

“Right here, little one. This is what my cock is going to take. And believe me, he’s hungry for it.” She clenches around my finger, and I can’t stop the laugh that slips past my lips. “Seems like she wants some attention, too. You’re going to get it. Just be patient.”

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