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Alexa Riley

Liliana moans under me, and I move my mouth to her other breast, licking up the spilled milk. She’s so sensitive since having the baby, she cums with just a few quick touches. Her pussy clenches hard when I suck her nipple, and she cums all over me. I keep my hand on her mouth to keep her from shouting, still driving my thickness into her.

“That’s it. Give me more. It’s so sweet when you cum.”

A few more drops leak out, and I greedily take them. I lean down and nuzzle my face against her tits, loving the feeling of how full they are. I need more though, so I roll us over and pull her chest down to my mouth while she rides me.

I alternate between nipples, letting the sweet cream rub on my mouth. Then I take a fistful of her hair and bring her lips to mine. I push my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste how much she wants me. The flavor of her pussy and milk makes my balls draw up, ready to fill her.

She breaks the kiss and looks down at me. “The doctor said I could get pregnant again really fast if you didn’t pull out.”

I give her a wicked smile and slam her hips down on me, holding her still. “I’ll cum in you as many times as I want. Probably keep you bred for a while. You’re still a teenager, little one. Your pussy is made for this.”

She smiles back at me and starts to grind against me, then arches her back and cums again. Her cunt grips me like a fist, and I watch as tiny drops of milk leak out of her tits and roll down.

I thrust up, releasing my seed in her and bathing her unprotected pussy with cum.

“Just think, you could have another baby in you right now,” I say, grinning at her. The words cause my cock to twitch inside her, and her pussy pulses around me.

“Now come here and finish taking care of me.”

She lets out a laugh and moves up my body, letting my cock slip free. Our combined cum drips from her pussy, but she moves so that her legs are together and she holds as much as she can inside. She leans over me, her breast close to my mouth, and I latch on, suckling her again. She runs her hand through my hair and pets me while I play with her other nipple. Her other hand goes to my cream-covered cock and starts to jerk me off. The sticky passion on my dick slicks her hand as it glides up and down.

I love having her milky tit in my mouth while she has her hand on my cock, getting me close to the edge of cumming. When I’m ready to shoot off again, she’ll ask me where I want to put it. Usually I grab her waist and put it in her pussy, but sometimes I want her to drink it. Something about having my cum not only in her cunt but in her body turns me on.

I’m feeling dirty tonight, so I might just say her ass, but why waste a perfectly good load? Grabbing her hips, I roll us back over and put my cock in her warm, wet cunt. She’ll be pregnant by morning if I have my way.


Chapter 1 Chris

She's asking for it and she knows it, I think to myself as I stare down at her barely legal pussy. She should know better than to taunt me, which is what she’s done all day.

The moonlight shines through her window, giving me a perfect view of her. Not that I need one. The image of her is branded into my brain, just like everything else about her. She’s an obsession that seems to grow more and more every day.

Lying on her back, her legs are spread just enough to get a nice peek at the pussy into which I’m going to unload all my cum. My balls ache, they feel so full. Reaching down, I pull myself from the black gym shorts I've already leaked a little cum into, the head of my cock glistening. I grab my balls and give a little tug, but it does nothing to stop the ache. No, but her pussy will.

Why shouldn't it? She’s the reason for it. Since she came stumbling into my life a little more than four days ago she's been taunting me. Well, she’s about to learn what happens when you taunt a man. I'm not one of those dipshit high school boys she's used to, the ones who probably do everything she asks in hopes of getting her into bed. I’ll take what I want from her, and she really needs to understand the difference between a boy and a man.

Her chest rises and falls with soft breaths as she lies there sleeping, her big tits straining against her tee, her hard nipples trying to break free. She looks like a sexy innocent angel that was sent to bait a man’s will, and she has. She has no clue of the predator standing over her while she sleeps. Maybe she thought she was safe from me because her parents are asleep down the hall in their own bed.

I’m on her before she can react, one hand over her mouth, the other around her throat. I can’t chance her parents catching me in the act if they hear her. Her legs spread wider for me, and I feel her pulse pick up in her throat, but she doesn’t try to scream. My cock is already rubbing against her pussy, the wetness turning me on even more. It takes me a moment to catch it, but I realize that it’s too wet to just be my cum leaking from my cock—something that seems to happen when she’s near me.

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