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Distraction (Underground Kings #3)(10)
Aurora Rose Reynolds

“She’s doing better,” I respond softly, leaning my head back to look up at the night sky.


I look down at his extended hand and the card he’s holding out to me. “What’s this?” I ask, taking the card from him. The front is blank, and the back only has a phone number.

“If your sister wants help, I know some people who can give it to her,” he says quietly, and I study him for a long-time, wondering how he knows. Tears fill my eyes as I nod holding the card tightly in my hand, wishing it were as easy as making a phone call.

“Sometimes, you don’t have a choice and you have to let go,” he mutters, but lucky for me, I don’t have to respond because the delivery driver for the food I ordered pulls up just in time. Paying for the food with a fifty, I tell the driver to keep the change then walk past Teo, giving him a short wave as I head back into the building and around the packed club floor. Spotting Zack, Sven’s head of security, at the bottom of the stairs that lead to his office, I feel a smile form on my lips as his eyes lock on mine.

“Hey, Maggie,” he greets softly, leaning in to press a light kiss to my cheek. Zack is a beautiful black man, with large, bulky muscles, dark, creamy skin, a bald head, and soft, soulful eyes. He is the kind of man I normally find myself dating, and is the opposite of my current boyfriend of seven months, Wyatt.

I met Wyatt on a photo shoot we did together when I was working on an ad campaign for one of my favorite plus-size brands. Wyatt is the boy-next-door type, with sun kissed skin, dark blond hair, and blue eyes. He’s not much taller than me, and I can never wear heels when we go out, but his smile and gentle manner make being with him easy.

“You okay?”


I smile then feel my spine stiffen when a woman asks in a squeaky voice, “Is Sven upstairs?” Looking at her I notice she’s one of the women from outside wearing lingerie. Grinning, her friends come to stand on either side of her.

“Sorry, doll. He’s not accepting company at this time,” Zack says, and something in my chest pinches.

“Well, I brought my friends this time. Can’t you call and ask him to look down here? Maybe he’ll change his mind when he sees us,” she says with a pout.

“I’m gonna head up,” I say softly, getting a soft look and a nod from Zack as I head up the stairs as quickly as my heels will take me. Getting to the door at the top, I take a deep breath push it open and step inside.

“Is it safe to walk barefoot in here?” I ask Sven, who stands from behind his desk as I turn to shut the door behind me.

“Why are you asking that?” he questions, walking toward me.

“I don’t know how much DNA is on the floor, and my heels are killing me,” I tell him as he takes the bags from my hands.

“DNA?” He frowns, placing the bags on the coffee table, then turns toward me crossing his arms over his chest. I notice that while I was gone, he lost his tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, exposing his tan neck.

“Well, a group of women—who obviously don’t understand that it’s called Victoria’s Secret for a reason—are downstairs. They’re asking to come up to play with you, because their friend was up here a couple weeks ago, and now they want to see if it’s all hype.”

“Jesus,” he mutters, rubbing his jaw and looking toward the door like he expects them to break it down.

“Don’t worry, Zack is down there standing guard. But can I take my shoes off, or should I leave them on?”

“Take off your damn shoes, Mags,” he prowls past me to the door, slamming it behind him as he leaves.

“Alrighty then,” I mumble to the empty office as I kick off my shoes off by the door. Going to the couch, I pause and then turn around, going to the bathroom I grab the can of Lysol to spray the couch and the floor.

“What the hell are you doing?” Sven asks, making me jump. I was so caught up in disinfecting that I didn’t even hear him come in.

“Disinfecting,” I tell him with a wave of the Lysol can, which he grabs away from me and takes back to the bathroom, coming back a second later looking annoyed as he waves his hand in front of his face. “If you want, I can leave for a little while and come back when you’re done with playtime and in a better mood,” I offer, watching as a smile twitches his lips.

“Stop being a smartass and feed me,” he mutters, unbuttoning the cuffs of his shirt and rolling them up, giving me a glimpse at tattoos I never would have guessed he had. “Earth to Mags.”

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