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Rush Too Far (Rosemary Beach #4)(7)
Abbi Glines

I knew all that already. I just wanted to make sure that was the only way she knew him. I couldn’t stand the idea of her spending time with him. With anyone. “Why did you wear that?” I asked, looking down at the dress that was going to star in my late-night fantasies of her.

Blaire shot back up, and her eyes turned from nervous to heated fast. “Because my mother bought it for me to wear. I was stood up and never got the chance. Tonight you invited me, and I wanted to fit in. So I wore the nicest thing I had. I’m sorry that it wasn’t quite nice enough. You know what, though? I don’t give a shit. You and your uppity, spoiled friends all need to get over yourselves.” Then she shoved me with her hand as if she wanted to knock me over. I didn’t move, but she’d put some force behind it.

She didn’t get me at all. She didn’t understand, and holy hell, she thought she wasn’t good enough. Was she kidding me? She was so damn near perfect it hurt. I closed my eyes tightly, trying not to look at her. I had to get away from her. This room was so small. She smelled so good . . .

“Fuck!” I swore, before burying my hands in her hair and covering her lips with mine. I had to taste her. I couldn’t control myself. We were alone and too close, and she smelled like heaven.

I had expected Blaire to fight me, but she melted into me so easily. I took what I could while she was still too shocked to slap me. Her mouth moved under mine, and I licked at the swell of her bottom lip. “I’ve been wanting to taste this sweet, plump lip since you walked into my living room,” I told her before taking more. I slid my tongue between her lips, and she opened for me. Each dark corner was better than warm honey. I could get drunk from her taste.

Her small hands grabbed my shoulders and squeezed. I wanted more. I wanted her. She caught on, and her tongue began to move against mine. Then she bit down on my bottom lip. Holy hell.

I grabbed her waist and put her on the bed behind her before covering her body with mine. More. I needed more. More of Blaire. More of her smell. More of her taste. More of the sounds she made. Just fu**ing more.

When I settled my obvious arousal between the open V of her legs, she moaned and threw her head back. My pulse sped up, and I felt my control slip even further. More.

“Sweet, too sweet,” I whispered against her mouth, and I realized I was almost done. I wouldn’t be able to stop. And she was sweet. Too fu**ing sweet for this. I tore myself away from her and backed up off the bed and stared down at her. The sexy red dress was up around her waist, and the pink satin of her panties was right there. The wetness that had darkened them made my blood roar in my veins. “Mother fu**ing shit.” I slammed my hand against the wall to keep from reaching for her. Then I opened the door. I had to breathe air that wasn’t filled with Blaire. Her smell was all over me. I had to break free.

She was too much. The word more kept pounding in my head, reminding me how willing she had been to let me taste her. To touch her. And mother of God, how wet she’d been. I slammed out of the pantry and headed for the door that led outside. Fresh air. Air with no Blaire. Fuck. I wanted her. More. I wanted so much more.


I hadn’t slept. All damn night. I had walked for miles along the dark beach and then went to my bedroom and paced the floor. A cold shower hadn’t helped, either. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw those pink panties and heard Blaire’s sweet sounds. I had to get her out of my head.

I needed to get laid. I hadn’t slept with anyone since the incident with Anya. That wasn’t like me. Tonight I had to work this out of my system. Keeping Blaire at a distance was all that would keep her from being hurt. It was only a matter of time before she knew and before she hated me.

I grabbed my phone and scanned the numbers I had saved until I found one that I knew was safe for a one-nighter with no strings. She’d require a dinner and some attention first, but Bailey had been trying to get my attention since she’d come to one of Nan’s parties. I’d taken her number and said I’d call sometime.

Once I had set a date for tonight, I got ready for my day with Nan. We were playing a round of golf today, her birthday request. I was hoping we would miss Blaire, but if not, I could handle buying a drink from her. I just wouldn’t breathe her in when she was near me. Or look at her. And I would not think about her panties. Fuck. I needed another cold shower.

Nan was standing with her arms crossed over her chest and a pout on her face when I walked up to the clubhouse ten minutes late. “Sorry I’m late,” I told her, and bent down to kiss her on the cheek to soften her up a bit.

She shoved at my shoulder. “That’s not why I’m upset. I just got here,” she said, rolling her eyes at me. “Why did I have to hear from Bailey that you asked her out for tonight and not from you?” she asked me, looking annoyed.

Because tonight was about fu**ing Blaire out of my head. Nothing more. “Didn’t know you cared about who I planned to f*ck tonight,” I replied with a wink, as I pulled my bag out of my Range Rover and handed it to the caddy, who had rushed over to greet me when I drove up.

“Rush, really?” Nan snapped at me.

“When she gave me her number, she knew what she was doing. But if you want to call her and warn her of my plans, then be my guest. I’d much prefer she canceled on me now so I could find a replacement.”

Nan shook her head and let out a sigh. “You are horrible.”

“You love me,” I told her, then grabbed her hand, tugging her with me toward the golf cart. “I want to drive, and I don’t need someone to get my clubs for me. Are you good with just me, or do we need a caddy?” I asked her.

She climbed regally into the passenger seat and shrugged. “As long as you intend to get my clubs and clean them, then I don’t mind.”

“Diva,” I muttered, and handed the caddy a hundred-dollar bill for his time, then climbed in and drove us to the first hole.

“Princess, Rush. I’m a princess,” she reminded me.

“No, sis, you aren’t. You’re a spoiled diva. Marrying a royal would be the only way you could be accused of being a princess,” I teased.

Nan slapped at my arm and laughed. This was the sister who was easy to deal with. The one who was my friend, who I could be myself with. The one who didn’t demand things of me that I couldn’t do. “Bailey is really nice. Her daddy is a heart surgeon, and she’s designing her own clothing line. I think you’d like her if you gave her more than one night in your bed.”

I parked the cart and got out. “She won’t be in my bed. I don’t ever take them to my bed. My sofa, maybe, possibly my kitchen table. Hell, I may try out the washing machine tonight. Once I figure out where the hell it is. Have you ever washed anything in my house before?” I was trying to change the subject. I didn’t want to hear about Bailey and have any guilt over using her body tonight.

“You are impossible!” Nan walked out to the tee, expecting me to get her club. She had been serious about that. She liked to play, but she had no idea what club to choose for each shot.

“I’m horny, and Bailey has some nice tits,” I told her.

Nan frowned at me. “I’m warning her that you’re a dog. She needs to know.”

I handed Nan her driver and smirked. “She knows, sis. She knows, or she wouldn’t have given me her number.”

Nan waved her hand at me and took the driver.

I had turned to get my own driver when the golf cart coming our way caught my attention. I noticed Blaire’s blond hair. Her eyes were focused on me. Shit. I’d known there was a good chance I would see her, but I had hoped that talking about the sex I intended to have with Bailey tonight would cool me down.

I looked away from her. I wasn’t going to let her get to me. I could ignore her. Get a drink and act like she was just an average cart girl.

Bethy one of the other cart girls, was in the front seat with Blaire. She was staring at Nan as she talked. I cringed, thinking of what Bethy might know that she could tell Blaire. I wasn’t sure how close the two were. Surely not very close. Bethy was nothing like Blaire. Innocence had long left Bethy.

“You’re kidding me. Woods hired her?” Nan hissed. I glanced over at my sister and saw that she had noticed the drinks cart arriving.

“Don’t,” I warned her, and walked over to stand close enough to Nan to control her if needed.

“Can I get y’all a drink?” Blaire’s sweet voice sent chills all over me.

“At least she knows her place,” Nan said. She was being cruel, and I needed to stop her, but that would only make Blaire think I was nice. I wasn’t nice. She had to see that.

“I’ll take a Corona. Lime, please,” I said instead.

Blaire’s gaze swung to mine, but I quickly looked away from her. “Get a drink. It’s hot,” I told Nan.

Nan liked that I was blowing Blaire off like she was someone I didn’t know. “Sparkling water. Wipe it off, though, because I hate the way it comes out all wet from the water,” Nan instructed.

Bethy moved to get the water before Blaire could. That was interesting. She seemed to be protecting Blaire. “Haven’t seen you out here lately, Nan,” Bethy said as she wiped off the bottle with a towel.

“Probably because you’re too busy in the bushes with God knows who spreading your legs instead of working,” Nan said.

I could feel the tension rolling off Blaire as she popped the top off my Corona. Her shoulders were straight, and her back was stiff as a board.

“That’s enough, Nan,” I told her, hoping to end this so they could leave.

Blaire handed me the bottle, and I couldn’t ignore her then. She was focusing on anything other than me at the moment, but for just a second, I wanted her to see me. To look at me. Her eyes lifted and met mine, and it hit me hard.

“Thanks,” I said, then slipped a bill into her pocket. It was an excuse to touch her and to hide just how much I was tipping her from Nan.

I stepped away and took my sister’s elbow. Time to get her away from them. “Come on and show me how you still can’t kick my ass out here,” I teased.

She played right into my hands. “You ’re going down,” she said, and walked away from the girls.

I heard Bethy whisper to Blaire, and I glanced back and saw her staring at me. A smile touched my lips. I couldn’t keep from smiling when I looked at her. I tore my gaze off her and went back to talking to Nan. She was arguing about the driver I had given her.

I liked a cold drink while I played golf, but for the first time ever, I was hoping the drink cart wouldn’t find us again this round.


Bailey was sexy. There was no denying it. She wore her tight, expensive dress well, and the heels she had on did amazing things for her of the night, she pressed against me and made promises with her eyes. When she let me slip my hand up her dress right there in the restaurant and play with her, I knew she was more than aware of why I had called her.

Nan had worried me with her talk about Bailey being a good girl and being worth more than a quick fuck. Fact was, she was nice. I liked her well enough. She would be great for some guy who wanted that kind of thing. I didn’t. I just wanted to get Blaire Wynn out of my head.

Bailey wrapped her arms around me and started kissing and nibbling my neck as I unlocked the front door. Blaire would be here soon. But I wasn’t taking Bailey up to my room. I glanced at the clock, and I knew I had about thirty minutes. I’d start it in here and then take her out to the beach somewhere dark and hidden. Blaire wouldn’t see us. And I wouldn’t be thinking about how close she was.

“In a hurry?” I asked as the door opened.

Bailey smiled up at me and puckered up her lips. “Maybe. I’ve fantasized about having you inside me, Rush Finlay, for so damn long,” she said, reaching back and unzipping her dress and shoving it down. Her double-Ds fell free, and large brown ni**les greeted me. “I want that dirty mouth on me,” she said, pressing her chest out and holding her heavy br**sts in her hands. The long, red, perfectly manicured nails pinched her ni**les as she backed into the house. “I’ve gotten off so many times thinking about you sucking my ni**les and sliding inside of me, harder and harder,” she said in a husky whisper.

I hadn’t been hard, but the suggestive image she was painting was helping to get me very interested. Grabbing her waist, I forced myself to keep my eyes on her. To remember who it was I was with. This was not Blaire. I was with Bailey.

“You want this?” I asked, picking her up so that her nipple was at my mouth and her legs wrapped around my waist. Sticking my tongue out, I flicked her nipple with the tongue ring I’d worn, knowing my mouth would be pleasing a woman tonight.

“Yes, God, yes. Suck it!” she cried out.

I enjoyed the fullness of her breast in my hand as I pulled the hard nipple into my mouth. I opened my eyes frequently to remind myself of who this was. I wasn’t going to use someone else like that again. If I was gonna f*ck her, then I was gonna f*ck her. Just her.

She began rubbing herself on my chest. This one was hot. She was gonna blow fast and several times. Good. I needed several times. I threw her onto the sofa, shoved her dress up around her waist, and buried my face back into her cl**vage as she cried out my name.

She didn’t smell sweet like Blaire. Her sounds weren’t soft and sexy. Fuck!

I had to stop this. I shoved her legs apart and slid my hands into her panties. Glancing down at them, I saw they were black. Not pink. They were also lace, not satin. Nothing like Blaire. This wasn’t Blaire.

I slid my fingers inside her, and the wetness pulled me in further. She was ready. More than ready. I was going to exhaust us both.

“Yes, Rush, baby, just like that. Harder. Suck it harder!” she cried out.

I needed her to shut up. This wasn’t helping me, dammit.

“Mmm, yes, please touch me,” she begged.

“Shhh,” I told her, not going near her mouth. I had a thing about mouths. I didn’t trust where they had been. I never kissed easily. Her sounds were all wrong. She was too loud. Too . . . too—

A door slammed, and I froze. Shit. I was off Bailey and standing up instantly. “Cover up, pull your dress down,” I demanded, and I walked out of the room to stop Blaire before she saw anything. I stuck my hand into my pocket when I thought of Bailey’s smell on my fingers.

“She ran out. Whoever it was,” Bailey said from behind me, and I stopped walking.

No. Fuck, no. Not this time. Not now. Hell!

“Who was that?” Bailey asked behind me.

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