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Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)(9)
Eve Langlais

Okay, so the reasons were the same. Who could blame her?

Just look at him.

Distracting. Sexy. Obviously dangerous. Possibly deranged.

This Vile individual definitely didn’t conform to any preconceived notion she’d ever held about what life out there might entail.

For one thing, he was much more human than she liked. Oh, sure he sported purple skin, black lips, and freaky pointed teeth, but the rest of him?

Good grief, the rest of him was straight out of some male stripper fantasy. The snug coveralls he wore did little to hide his excellent musculature. Broad shoulders, tapered waist, corded thighs, bulging arms… he was the epitome of male fitness with a face to die for, if you were into purple alien dudes who seemed to think women were useless creatures in need of a man to protect them.

Grandma would have shot him for that foolishness alone.

Thing was, Jilly didn’t want to shoot him. On the contrary, she’d obviously gone too long between boyfriends because, silly her, she wanted to run her hands over the broad planes of his chest and invite him to show her his supposedly impressive package.

Crazy. As crazy as him showing up at her farm looking for some so-called priceless artifact.

What could it be?

Jilly knew every item in this house. She’d grown up here after her ditz of a mother dumped her more than twenty-seven years ago.

Raising a kid wasn’t on her mother’s to-do list. It clashed with the drugs and partying that came from being a music groupie. Thankfully, Jilly had her grandma to take up the slack.

Jilly never wanted for anything growing up. Grandma and Grandpa gave her everything she ever needed—a home, an education, clothing, affection, a sense of pride in herself, a quirky philosophy on life, and an ability to face any situation.

Even alien ones.

Grandma had also willed the farm, the house, and all its contents to her only granddaughter stating that her other cousins, all boys, could suck it up and get a job.

So when Grandma succumbed to that ‘pesky cold’ at the age of eighty-three, Jilly inherited it all. Apparently more than she knew.

What on Earth could this XiiX thing be?

Was it a rock? Some kind of statue? Jewelry? She didn’t have much of that.

As she wandered from the kitchen back to the living room—which Vile had vacated—she stared out the window at the still softly falling snow. She noted the space coffin no longer sat in front of her porch. Had Vile left with it?

A shiver down her spine warned her someone entered the room, an electric tingle of her senses, which let her know her purple guest had stuck around.

And he wasn’t one to respect personal boundaries.

He pressed in against her back, a large, menacing, yet arousing presence, that made her heart flutter and her nipples tighten.

“Do you mind?” she said a tad breathlessly.

“Mind what?”

She couldn’t help but tense as her entire body woke, aware of Vile in a way she’d never before experienced. “You’re standing too close.”


“And it’s rude.” But, most of all, arousing.

“Manners are for the weak,” he stated, inching closer.

She fought not to gasp as his body brushed against hers. “Says who?”

“Says the handbook on mercenary rules that all my kind follow.”

His race had a book on behaving badly? “On Earth, it’s considered disrespectful to ignore someone’s personal space.”


“Excuse me?”

“I would hate to think I was tarnishing my reputation.”

“You want to be known as a disrespecting jerk?”

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