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Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)(8)
Eve Langlais

“Let me get this straight, you’re looking for a treasure but you don’t even know what it looks like?” She laughed, the act shaking the frame he still held hugged to his chest.

Given her closeness seemed to be affecting the blood flow to his brain and impairing his mental capacity, he let her loose and moved away. “Don’t mock me, female.”

“I’m not, just remarking on the impossibility of your request. If you don’t know what we’re looking for, then how can I give it to you?”

Blasted female. Like his sister, she used logic as her weapon. “I have a device that will ease the task by reading the molecular buildup and energy signature of the items in your home.”

“Well then, why didn’t you say so? What are you waiting for to use it? Let’s find this thing and get you on your way.”

“Are you so eager for me to leave?” The concept that she wanted to rid herself quickly of him didn’t sit well. Most females begged him to stay. He had more than one reputation in the universe, and the other made him a prize among the opposite gender.

“No offense, but I’ve got more important things to worry about than your stupid treasure.”

“I highly doubt that. I’ve come to the conclusion that the universe does revolve around me and has for some time. It’s what happens to those who accomplish great things.”

“I’m surprised your ego fits through the door.”

“If it didn’t, I’d blow it up,” was his reply. He smiled at her taken-aback expression.

“Isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“A male does what he can to attain notice. And even better if it involves violence.”

“Grandma would have loved you,” was her odd muttered reply.

He chose to ignore it. He had more pressing needs. “Given time is of essence,” lest his competition appear and attempt to steal the XiiX from under him, “I will send my surface pod to my ship to fetch the tracking device.”

“Aren’t you just like a man to forget to pack the crucial things?” she muttered.

And wasn’t she just like a woman to know how to say just the right thing to take a male down a peg?

He frowned, sternly, an expression that had sent more than one lesser being scurrying to do his bidding, eager to please him. By all the moons circling the ocean world in the seventy-first quadrant, that very look had seen him gifted with riches, fathers offering up their daughters, some beings even flung themselves from parapets, overcome by fear.

The human barbarian, though?

She ignored him and moved through an archway into another room.

Being a magnanimous male, he allowed it. It wasn’t her fault her feeble barbarian mind couldn’t handle his greatness and sought relief by removing herself from his presence in an effort to compose herself.

Tapping into the control unit at his wrist, he programmed his capsule to return to his ship currently in orbit around the Earth’s moon. It was positioned out of sight, hovering under a cloak of invisibility on the dark side of the satellite where human detection units were blind.

Since it would take a while for his pod to fetch the detection unit and return, he went looking for the feisty human who seemed to think she was in charge of the situation.

Time to disabuse her of that notion. And maybe get started on more pleasurable things while he waited.

Chapter Three

“If a man is too good looking to be true, then he’s probably a mass murderer. So keep him away from the kitchen knives.” – Grandma’s philosophy on handsome men.

Jilly left the kitchen for more than one reason. The first to give herself some distance from the purple invader. Secondly, because she really needed some distance from the alien male in her house.

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