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Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)(6)
Eve Langlais

Danger? Law breaking? Wild sex with a new species?

Things were looking more and more promising.

“Earth to freaky alien dude who still hasn’t answered my question,” she said, jolting him from his musings.

He frowned. It wasn’t like him to be so easily distracted. “Yes, I am here on a mission to learn more about Kris-mass.”

“It’s Christmas, eh.”

“Kris-mass, eh.”

“No, Christmas. Say it slowly, with a hint of a t and less s at the end. Roll your tongue.”

He’d roll his tongue all right and tie hers in a knot if she didn’t stop vexing him. He’d pronounce it any damned way he pleased. He wasn’t actually interested in any pagan holiday. “Don’t make me revise my mission and change it to murder,” he growled as he adopted a menacing mien.

To his shock, she giggled. “Ha. Nice try at scaring me. I grew up as the only girl with eleven boy cousins and a Grandma who believed in tough love. If that’s your mean look, it needs work.”

“Where I come from, females respect their males. Or else.” He made sure to give her his ominous voice.

She ignored it. “Or else what?”

“They are punished.” Although, honestly, he’d never seen or heard in what fashion. All he knew was his father would yell, his mother would sometimes yell back, they would stomp off and slam their bedroom door and not emerge for a long while. But when they did, his mother seemed properly chastised, or at least quiet, and his father boasted a grin.

She didn’t seem impressed with his threat. “Touch me, purple dude, in a way I don’t like and we’ll have a problem.”

“You really shouldn’t be testing my patience this way. I’ve killed for less. Where I come from, my reputation alone is enough to make all but the most stalwart tremble.”

“Your big, bad act might work on guys, but I’m not a guy, and I can see you’re a softie. Anyone interested in Christmas isn’t going to hurt a defenseless woman.”

“Given you greeted me with a weapon, one could argue you aren’t defenseless.”

The smile curving her lips made her much too attractive. “I like to think of myself as prepared.”

“Is your world so dangerous that you must have a weapon at all times? Where is your male? Your guardian? He should be here protecting you.”

She outright snickered. “Sorry, oh misogynist one, there’s just me.” Too late she realized her admission and she sealed her lips shut.

His turn to smile. “All alone. Excellent.”

“Not quite. I have my trusted friend, Problem Solver.” She patted her projectile weapon.

“You gave that clunky artifact a name?”

“Don’t tempt me to show you how efficient it is.”

“Efficient is my sidearm.” He pulled forth his favorite weapon.

Once again, he was treated to her laughter.

“That teeny tiny thing? Well, at least you’re not trying to overcompensate for a lack of equipment elsewhere.”

It took a moment for him to filter her meaning. “Are you implying I’m less than adequately endowed?”

A red hue brightened the cheeks of her face. “Um, no. I guess I shouldn’t have said that.”

“If you require a visual demonstration of my appendage, which given your earlier inquiry as to my intention to possibly probe you, then please, let me know. I will gladly clear up any misconceptions you might harbor about the size or virility of my reproductive system.” The translator made his words emerge more properly than he would have liked. He really needed to upgrade to the newer slang version.

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