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Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)(5)
Eve Langlais

She really seemed determined to rouse his lust.

“Panicking isn’t going to do me any good. But I’ll admit I would like to know who you are. Or should I ask, what are you?”

A request for information. Just how much could he tell her? Did he dare give her his real name? It wasn’t as if she would recognize it, but at the same time, his self-imposed mission was supposed to be a secret, which begged the question, why did he land in front of her home and show himself to her? What happened to stealth?

For one, according to his vessel’s readings, the artifact he was seeking hid inside this house.

So close. Almost mine.

Secondly, he’d caught a glimpse of her on his video stream during his approach and found himself intrigued by his first true glimpse of an earthling. A female one. A female who might have a clue that would lead him to the artifact and was still waiting for him to reply.

He stuck to the simplest answer he could think of. “I am an alien.”

Given Earth had yet to join other planets in the galactic union, because they were considered little more than barbarians who had yet to achieve the right level of progress, he expected some shock on her part.


His declaration met with her sighing and rolling her eyes. “Duh. Any idiot with a pair of eyes can see you’re not from this planet. So where are you from? Mars? Venus? The Milky Way? And what are you doing parking yourself on my front lawn? You’re not some kind of vanguard to a larger army on a mission to conquer Earth?”



Odd how she seemed disappointed.

“Are you planning to kill me?” she inquired as took another bite of her concoction.

“Not at the moment. But that could change.” Violence didn’t bother Vhyl. Actually, he reveled in it. Chaos, too. He was the model son, or so his mother boasted to all her friends.

“Is it your intent to kidnap me?”

“For what?” He had no need of the money one of her kind would bring at auction. Nor did he have a use for organic attendants, not when he had all kinds of bots to do chores for him. But I could use a new bedmate. He’d broken his pleasure droid with his vigorous technique, and there wasn’t a clean bordello in this sector.

“I thought aliens were supposed to abduct us for probing experiments.”

“If you insist on probing, I could indulge you, but it won’t be an experiment, more an experience in pleasure.” He showed his teeth in a pointed leer.

She snorted. “I see alien men are just as convinced of their prowess as human ones. Sorry to disappoint, but I’d prefer you kept it tucked in your jumpsuit. So if you’re not here for murder, pillage, rape, or world domination, what does that leave?” She seemed genuinely puzzled.

She did raise some valid points. Most of my missions involve mayhem of some kind. In this case, unless she suddenly decided to use the gun she’d lowered, he’d simply have to find the treasure hidden in her home and depart. But he could hardly tell the female he was here to abscond with one of her possessions.

“I’m here for cultural education?” Even he couldn’t help the querying note at his reply. As answers went, it wasn’t his best, but what other reason would anyone have to visit this backwards world?

“You’re here to check out Christmas?” Her nose wrinkled, and while on some species that would prove unattractive—such as the Balenjga tribe, who shriveled their nose before regurgitating for their young via their nostrils—in her case, her puzzled countenance proved most becoming.

Odd how his past studies of the barbarians on Earth never properly conveyed how attractive some of them were. Perhaps her suggestion of abduction and probing should make my list of things to do while planet-side. Sure there were laws against meddling with humans. And, yes, it could cost him his life if caught or discovered.

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