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Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)(4)
Eve Langlais

So why did he follow the wiggle of her hips and the dark, curly hair that bounced down her back?

Because he wanted to.

And Vhyl wasn’t one to question or deny himself anything.

If he coveted it, he took it. If he admired it, he stole it. If he wanted to delay his current mission slightly to follow an intriguing barbarian female into her abode and admire, at greater length, her dual mammary glands encased in the tight thin fabric that did nothing to hide the erectness of her nipples, then he would.

If she intrigued him enough, he might even take her with him when he left.

They didn’t call him the Black Hole of Aressotle for nothing. If Vhyl admired it, then he acquired it by any means necessary, and once he did, whatever he coveted disappeared into his well-guarded treasury, never to reappear again.

His mother was so proud of his accomplishments and his sister so jealous of his reputation. As for Vhyl, he knew he was on the path of fame and success given they both plotted his demise to inherit his fortune. What more could a male warrior ask for?

Well, for starters, I could ask that the human bend over again.

Arriving in a room lined with cabinetry and smelling pleasantly of chocolate—a delicacy he’d indulged in on more than one occasion, despite its high price at the Obsidian market—the female had briefly pushed her posterior in the air as she opened a hinged metal portal. A blast of heat wafted out, and Vhyl placed his hand on his sidearm, only to relax as she withdrew a flat metal sheet sporting brown-spotted blobs atop it.

She slid the tray on a countertop before turning to face him. Once more he got to study her intriguing features.

Skin the rich brown color of a Jkinja tree in bloom. It appeared silky and blemish free. He wondered if the rest of her flesh was covered with the same smoothness.

Unlike the males of her kind—which he’d familiarized himself with by briefly studying humans and their history on his way to this distant solar system—she didn’t sport any facial hair, but the crown of her head did spill an abundance of dark locks. Curly and springy hair that he could easily imagine digging his fingers into as she knelt presenting her padded posterior. With buttocks like that, she was made to cradle a male’s thrusts. And, yes, they were sexually compatible, another thing he’d learned on his voyage over.

Lusciously full lips pressed tight together at his perusal while big brown eyes, light in color and flashing with suspicion, stared right back. A female with fire and a backbone.

His intrigue level rose a notch higher.

“Would you like a freshly baked cookie?” she asked, waving her hand at the unappetizing lumps with the dark spots.

“I am not here for your baked goods.” It almost made him shudder to realize this world still cooked with raw ingredients. Everyone, except unenlightened barbarians, knew replicators were the only way to eat decent food.

“A shame, because they’re really quite good. I use Grandma’s secret recipe.” Despite the heat radiating from the blobs, she grabbed one and blew on it.

Did she realize the sensuality in her gesture? Did she do it on purpose in an attempt to rouse him?

Whatever the case, it was working. It almost distracted him, but he’d trained well and managed to remain focused. He was also cognizant that she seemed a little too calm given the situation.

“You seem awfully composed. I was given to understand your kind is prone to fits of hysteria, especially when faced with strange phenomena.” And he knew enough of her world to understand his arrival and presence fit in that category.

She shrugged as she bit into the blob, a rumble of content purring forth from her. Whereas before he might have rebuffed her offer, he now found himself interested in a taste—from the lips where a drop of chocolate lingered. The tip of a pink tongue emerged to clean it, and he could have groaned.

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