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Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)(2)
Eve Langlais

Creepy. Especially since it slowed right down and parked itself gently and upright on her front lawn.

While happy the flying tomb didn’t smash into her or the house, somehow she wasn’t completely reassured.

If this were a horror movie, then what comes next probably won’t be good for my general health.

Foreboding formed a ball in her stomach, and she ran inside the house to grab the shotgun. As she wrapped her hand around the familiar wooden stock, she could almost hear her departed grandma say, “Jilly, if it don’t look right, fetch the gun.”

Actually, Grandma’s solution to most problems involved fetching a weapon, loaded with custom-made silver bullets because as Grandma said, “Always be prepared for anything, Jilly-bean. Just because we ain’t never seen a werewolf doesn’t mean they’re not lurking out there.”

With crazy advice like that, as well as the garlic strung over every window, the salt Grandma kept pouring around the perimeter of the house and the aluminum they went through every month, was it any wonder why Jilly canceled Grandma’s issue of ‘True Believers Wear Tin Foil Hats’? Cousin Betty stopped talking to her after that, as if it was Jilly’s fault Grandma was her only subscriber.

Uttering a silent apology to both her cousin and grandma, whom it seemed might have been right when they claimed life was out there—and waiting to enslave all women as sex slaves—Jilly thanked the fact she knew how to shoot.

With Problem Solver in hand—the name she gave her gun when gifted to her on her twenty-first birthday—Jilly stood on her front porch wearing pink, tattered bunny-eared slippers, baggy red plaid, flannel pants, a snug T-shirt that read ‘Ray of fucking sunshine’ and a blanket around her shoulders because it was winter after all. As outfits went, she wouldn’t win any prizes unless it was how to not impress possible alien life when it landed on your doorstep.

If it was an alien.

Perhaps the strange object was some kind of government drone thing. Those money-spending, tax-collecting jerks were always wasting funds on stupid projects.

But if it was them, why were they visiting her farm at nine o’clock at night?

The giant coffin sat there, attempting to appear innocuous but not succeeding. It surprised her to note that the snow at its base didn’t hiss or steam. Obviously it used some kind of propulsion system, but of a sort that didn’t emit heat. Weird.

Or a sign it’s not from this world. She could practically hear Grandma cackle in glee at the thought.

Cradling her gun in her arms, Jilly studied the vessel, trying to pigeonhole it into something comprehensible, but it seemed determined to thwart her.

Snow didn’t stick or melt upon it. Instead, it drifted down around the object, leaving its surface untouched. The impression of a large coffin only increased as she looked at it, but not the modern day rectangular kind, more like those they unearthed from ancient Egyptian tombs, except this one lacked markings and appeared a uniform, metallic gray.

No lights shone from any one spot, and yet the surface itself appeared to emit some kind of glow. Odd, almost as odd as the lack of seams and despite the fact it flew in as if guided, she didn’t hear any kind of engine noise. Nothing.

Could she totally hear Twilight Zone music playing in her head? Fucking right she did, and it didn’t help she heard her dead grandma saying, “I told you they’d come one day.”

A pity the woman who raised her wasn’t around to see it. She’d have probably baked one of her famous seven layer cakes—with real to-die-for buttercream icing—to celebrate.

When the coffin decided, with just the tiniest of clicks as warning, to split open, she didn’t know what to expect. Friendly and cute, bobble head, green Martian saying, “I come in peace”, or slavering monster with great big fangs and slimy, warty skin intent on seeing if human flesh was a delicacy?

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