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Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)(10)
Eve Langlais

“I prefer the title rule breaker.”

“Well, break the rules somewhere else. You’re making me uncomfortable.” And hot. Much too hot.

“Uncomfortable or aroused? I think you protest because you enjoy my presence too much. So, no. I won’t move away.”

“Because you like annoying me?”

“No, because I’m enjoying the feel of you against me.”

His surprising claim froze her tongue.

“What? No reply?” He chuckled and leaned in even closer, nudging her hair, sending shivers spiking down her spine.

This had gone on long enough. If he wouldn’t move, then she would.

Or not. He slid an arm around her waist, anchoring her against him. He pushed aside the hair covering her ears, and his lips whispered against the lobe, increasing her awareness of him. “I am beginning to think there is more than one treasure in this house.”

Her breath caught at the unexpected compliment. “I’m not an object.”

“Perhaps not, but you are definitely something of worth. I am always looking to add to my collection.”

“You can’t just take me.”

He laughed, the husky rumble somehow arousing, arousing enough that her sex moistened. Unbidden, her eyes closed, and she relaxed against him, mesmerized and curious about where this was going despite herself.

While a part of her—that sounded remarkably like Grandma—shouted at her to get away, another part basked in the male attention.

What woman didn’t want to feel desirable?

What woman could truly say she didn’t enjoy having such a virile male, one who admitted he came from a wider galaxy, think her attractive?

“Don’t challenge me, female. I have a reputation for taking what I want, and right now, I want…” He trailed off, and she held her breath as she waited for his next words. “To know who the frukx is in those vehicles arriving.”

Her eyes shot open, and she peered outside to see that indeed two large trucks, Suburbans to be exact, black in color with tinted windows, had pulled into her driveway.

“Who did you contact? Why are they here?” His grip went from sensual to tight and unrelenting as he hammered her with suspicious questions.

“I didn’t call anyone. But if I had to guess, those are the feds. Not surprising really. I mean you weren’t exactly subtle about your arrival.”

“They are your planet guardians?”

She shrugged. “More or less.”

“I do not wish to deal with them. The less who know of my presence, the better.”

“Then you might want to hide because I have a feeling they’re going to want to come in.”

“Get rid of them.”

“I intend to try. Trust me, I’m not any keener than you are about dealing with the government. Besides, even if you are a chauvinist with an ego the size of Kansas, you deserve better than getting buried in some government lab for experimentation and dissection.”

“And it is for reasons such as these your planet is still considered so barbarian,” he muttered. “Even though there is little honor in it, or fun, I will conceal myself, but do not think to betray me. It won’t go well if you do.”

With that ominous warning, Vile left her side, and Jilly took a deep breath before going to answer the pounding at her door.

For a moment, she debated fetching her gun, but vetoed it. Last thing she needed was to appear menacing. Best she find out what they wanted—probably a certain alien hiding out in her house—convince them she knew nothing, and send them on their way.

She opened the door and was faced with a trio of men in black suits, but, unlike a certain movie, they didn’t wear sunglasses. Good thing, else, given the time of night, she might have been tempted to sing a certain Corey Hart song.

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