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Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction #6)
Eve Langlais

Chapter One

“Never forget they’re always watching. And they see everything. It’s why I line my bras with tin foil.” – Grandma’s philosophy on alien life.

The end of the world didn’t happen.

Another wish dashed.

Staring at the sky didn’t produce a horde of alien spacecraft about to invade Earth, but as if to mock her, the most delicate of snowflakes tumbled from the clouds overhead. Without a breeze, each sparkling mote drifted down to coat the ground in an innocent layer, which tormented her.

Logically, Jilly knew she shouldn’t blame the land. It wasn’t the farm’s fault she was so damned screwed. Instead, she should condemn those stupid pencil pushers in their cubicles at the bank who seemed to think that today’s economy and lack of employment weren’t their problem. Well, it was, and hers too if she didn’t find a way to make some cash, and quick.

Only a few days before Christmas and less than a week until the mortgage came due, along with all the penalties she’d accrued from missed and late payments. If she didn’t pay the sums owing in full, she stood to lose her home, which totally sucked. Of all her aspirations in life, homelessness didn’t number among them.

Was it any wonder she’d kind of hoped for a solar flare that would wipe out all the computers in the world leaving her with more time to figure out where she would find the money to make ends meet?

One thing was for sure. She wouldn’t find any money on the farm.

The orchard with its stunted apple trees, which had barely produced any fruit the last two years, wouldn’t suddenly leaf green bills.

The field infested with butterfly larva wouldn’t suddenly sprout a crop she could use.

And the restaurant she used to work at wasn’t likely to reopen its doors and give her back her job, not with the scathing report the health inspector wrote. Mario, the owner, should have never broken up with Marianne. She didn’t take the rejection well.

Perhaps Jilly could pull the money from her ass. More like by shaking her ass. With things down to the wire, there weren’t many options left to make a few grand quick, unless she got naked. For strangers.


There has to be a better way. Something she could sell other than her body. But what?

The house contained relics of a bygone era, but she wouldn’t exactly call them antiques. Somehow she doubted butt-ugly furniture from the seventies and cracked knickknacks—glued a few too many times—would find many buyers. Heck, given the state of some of the stuff, she’d probably have to pay to get it taken away.

As Jilly continued to stare at the sky, still not giving up hope that an alien invasion would target her bank, she noted a bright spot streaking through the low hanging, cloud layer.

A shooting star?

Should she take it as a positive omen?

Quick. Make a wish.

She closed her eyes tight as she whispered words that only the falling snow could hear. “Help me find a way to have a Merry Christmas.” And a Happy New Year where she wasn’t homeless.

Fervent plea made, she opened her eyes, and her jaw dropped open as she gaped. Perhaps she should have wished to keep her house instead because the falling star seemed intent on colliding with it. The brilliant spot, instead of winking harmlessly out of sight, appeared to be headed straight toward her.

Much like the dumb deer—whom she took potshots at when they came to nibble on her crops—she stared at the bright light. She wasn’t stupid enough to think she could outrun it or that hiding inside would save her. Not at the speed the shooting meteor traveled and the size, which grew from a speck to a boulder to the size and shape of a…coffin?

Closing her eyes and reopening them did nothing to change her perception. It still looked like a bloody sarcophagus.

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