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Mercenary Abduction (Alien Abduction #4)
Eve Langlais


An excerpt from a tattered copy of A Mercenary’s Guide to Prosperity.

(Chapter Seven, titled, ‘Should I Follow a Religion or God?’)

First you need to understand, gods exist. Stop laughing and scoffing, because they do. Some are minor, some major, each featuring differing powers and spheres of influence. Some prefer to stick to one galaxy or solar system, others roam the universe. You’ll encounter them during your travels. It’s inevitable, however, it is up to the individual mercenary to decide whether he will follow any, and which.

Advantages are possible when you decide to worship a deity such as added strength or invulnerability, but keep in mind, all things come with a price. Involving yourself in the religion of one god may put you at odds with the tenets of another. In some cases, this might mean war, so see Appendix Thirty-nine for a proper listing of rates to charge in case your mercenary services are required for hire.

Returning to the issue of gods – joining a religion, or not, is up to you. Study your options well, though, because once you make your choice, it’s usually for life. For a full roster of the various documented deities, please read, Gods of the Universe (in alphabetical order) by Sualc Atnas, available universe-wide wherever alcohol, pornography, and weapons of mass destruction are sold. Locations that do not carry copies should be reported so that a member from the mercenary order might show the shop owners the advantage in carrying such a prized manual.

While we highly recommend the purchase of the guide to Gods of The Universe (available in electronic download, subliminal feed, a pallet of stone tablets, and even outlawed printed paper), we feel it important to note the existence of one god in particular, a deity who bears the most watching. He goes by many names; Llokii, Puuka, Murphy, among others. A more pesky character you’ll never meet.

While this particular god seems to ascribe to male characteristics, he belongs to no known race. As a matter of fact, no one can agree on his natural form as he seems capable of changing it at will, a shape-shifter who can wear any guise and appear in numerous places at once. He does not seem to strive for power or domination, nor does he seem to crave wealth. Is he good or evil? Again, he doesn’t seem to really care, although, he does seem to find humor sometimes in his antics.

Murphy’s esoteric strength is difficult to gauge, for while he doesn’t physically destroy, he can topple empires sometimes with a single meaningless act or word. He seems to exist nowhere, and yet his influence can crop up anywhere. I’ve heard many swear even our innermost thoughts are not secure.

Phantom or actual being? It depends on who you ask and what you believe, but all agree he is cunning. Unpredictable. Vain. Powerful. Subtle. Blatant. Most of all, though, he is never to be underestimated.

To the few he befriends, he is an invaluable asset and ally. To those who’ve done him ill…expect the unexpected, for Murphy follows one rule, one tenet, one law above all, and it can be summed up simply: if it can go wrong, it will.

To avoid him, never, ever, not for a single moment, ever say aloud, or even think you have everything thought out. Never brag you have the perfect plan or a foolproof idea. Cockiness will draw his attention and then…you better hope you have a Plan B, but prepare for Plan C or D, because with Murphy, you can never predict a sure outcome.

But we can guarantee one thing. If he’s set his sights on you, then you are most assuredly frukxed!

Chapter One

In the obsidian galaxy, far, far away…

The holographic monocle over his eye zoomed in on his target. Lying flat on his stomach atop a gently sloped, slightly gritty, surfaced roof, Makl kept his movements to a minimum. Given the various notices prohibiting anyone but those with valid work permits access to his location, he did his best to remain out of sight, not an easy task for a warrior who preferred the limelight. For several galactic units now he’d ignored the rumble in his stomach, the itch in his side, and the one frukxing rock digging into his thigh. He tuned out all the discomforts and distractions a boring stakeout tempted a male with. Nevertheless, a need for surreptitiousness or not, he knew better than to ignore his Aunt Muna’s transmission, the insistent buzzing persistent in his ear.

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