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Intentional Abduction (Alien Abduction #2)
Eve Langlais

Chapter One

“It’s time you bedded a male and got pregnant.”

Aylia, in the midst of sparring with her teacher, hesitated for a fraction of a nanosecond at this announcement and received a sharp whack across her shins as punishment. Shaking off her shock, she twirled her stave in a protective weave, which countered the continuing jabs of her teacher.

“I don’t mean to question your—”

Pantariste, her teacher, interrupted her. “Then don’t.”

She narrowed her yellow gaze on Aylia and pulled her stubby wings in tight as she stepped up her whirling attack.

However, despite her teacher’s rebuke, Aylia couldn’t help herself from questioning the shocking announcement.

“But, wasn’t it you who told me that as a foundling, when my time came, I would be unable to mate with a male Zonian?”

Aylia interjected as she blocked her teacher’s aggressive barrage. She swept her foot in an arc and just missed her instructor’s clawed feet.

A quick spin and Aylia avoided a lunge that would have left a colorful bruise. She thrust at Pantariste as she completed her turn. An arm clad in a leather armguard blocked it, but even her swift teacher couldn’t avoid Aylia’s foot, which angled up to kick her in the stomach. Her blow barely budged her guardian and teacher, a role held since Aylia had arrived as an orphan twenty-four planetary rotations ago.

Pantariste grinned, displaying pointed teeth. “That is correct. Your more fragile female parts could not handle even one of our weak Zonian males, not to mention your two breasted status repulses them. However, in spite of your shortcomings, you are well past the time to learn the mating rituals of the flesh and begin your line. Seeing as how we’ve no males suitable, it has been decided by the elder matriarchs that you must leave on a breeding quest.”

The unexpected announcement of her departure made Aylia stumble and Pantariste, never one to allow accusations of weakness or favoritism, swung her stave with a whistle of displaced air and knocked Aylia off her feet. But Aylia’s breath had already left her as she struggled to grasp what her teacher said.

“I’m to go off planet?” She tried to not sound too excited at the prospect, even though she’d long dreamed of leaving the Zonian world and seeing the universe—and maybe, just maybe, finding others of her kind. The only other orphans of her species on the planet were still but children, and not exactly bosom companions. Not that she lacked for companionship. The Zonian females, who’d held the position of friends since her childhood, were just busy these days having moved on from girlhood games to become mothers and matriarchs of their own family lines.

Standing over her pupil, Pantariste snorted and shook her head. “Of course, off planet. How else are you to find a male fit to father your line? Have our battles addled your brain, child? Get up.” Pantariste held out a taloned hand and yanked Aylia to her feet.

Brimming with questions, Aylia scurried alongside her teacher as she took off at a brisk walk. “But how will I find a proper specimen? I don’t even know where to look.”

“I’ve arranged for some new subliminal lessons. You will learn all you need to know about navigating one of our spacecraft, the various races, and how to comport yourself off planet. Anything you don’t learn, the onboard ship computer shall be able to relay. As for locating a suitable male, that is part of the quest. Do you think the fathers of my daughters just fell from the sky?”

“I thought one of them did.”

“Only after I shot him down, but I still tracked him for three sunrises through the wild Pontusian jungles.”

The reality of her quest sank in and excitement made her almost giddy as the Kevlovian wine she and her friends smuggled when younger. “Permission to squeal?”

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